Leonid Potapov

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Leonid Vasilyevich Potapov (Russian: Леони́д Васи́льевич Пота́пов) (born July 4, 1935 in Uakit, Buryatia) was the President of the Buryat Republic in Russia[1] from August 1991 to July 2007. He was reelected three times (in 1994, 1998 and 2002); in 2002 he received 68% of the vote.

In 1959 he graduated as an Engineer from Khabarovsk Institute of Railway Transport. From January to April 1990 he was nominal Vice President (Vice Chairman of Supreme Council) of Turkmenistan. In April 1990 he returned to Buryatia and was nominated as a local communist party chief (1st secretary of CPSU Buryatian branch). In October 1991 he became Chairman of the Supreme Council.

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