Linards Grantiņš

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Linards Grantiņš (born 1950) is one of the founders of Helsinki-86.


Born in Siberia, where his family was deported to in 1949, Grantiņš came to Latvia in 1956.[1]

In 1986, he co-founded Helsinki-86. After having been imprisoned by Soviet authorities, Grantiņs went to Germany.

In 1996, Grantiņš was awarded Order of the Three Stars.[2]

In 2013, MP Valērijs Agešins asked to initiate criminal proceedings against Grantiņš, but the request was refused.[3][4]

In July, 2015, Grantiņš has been detained in Latvia in connection to a criminal case on inciting national hatred. His attorney has complained on the circumstances of the arrest (Grantiņš had been injured).[5][6]