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This is a list of IP numbers used in the Protocol field of the IPv4 header and the Next Header field of IPv6 header.

Decimal Hex Keyword Protocol References
0 0x00 HOPOPT IPv6 Hop-by-Hop Option RFC 2460
1 0x01 ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol RFC 792
2 0x02 IGMP Internet Group Management Protocol RFC 1112
3 0x03 GGP Gateway-to-Gateway Protocol RFC 823
4 0x04 IP-in-IP IP in IP (encapsulation) RFC 2003
5 0x05 ST Internet Stream Protocol RFC 1190, RFC 1819
6 0x06 TCP Transmission Control Protocol RFC 793
7 0x07 CBT Core-based trees RFC 2189
8 0x08 EGP Exterior Gateway Protocol RFC 888
9 0x09 IGP Interior Gateway Protocol (any private interior gateway (used by Cisco for their IGRP))
10 0x0A BBN-RCC-MON BBN RCC Monitoring
11 0x0B NVP-II Network Voice Protocol RFC 741
12 0x0C PUP Xerox PUP
15 0x0F XNET Cross Net Debugger IEN 158
16 0x10 CHAOS Chaos
17 0x11 UDP User Datagram Protocol RFC 768
18 0x12 MUX Multiplexing IEN 90
19 0x13 DCN-MEAS DCN Measurement Subsystems
20 0x14 HMP Host Monitoring Protocol RFC 869
21 0x15 PRM Packet Radio Measurement
23 0x17 TRUNK-1 Trunk-1
24 0x18 TRUNK-2 Trunk-2
25 0x19 LEAF-1 Leaf-1
26 0x1A LEAF-2 Leaf-2
27 0x1B RDP Reliable Datagram Protocol RFC 908
28 0x1C IRTP Internet Reliable Transaction Protocol RFC 938
29 0x1D ISO-TP4 ISO Transport Protocol Class 4 RFC 905
30 0x1E NETBLT Bulk Data Transfer Protocol RFC 998
31 0x1F MFE-NSP MFE Network Services Protocol
32 0x20 MERIT-INP MERIT Internodal Protocol
33 0x21 DCCP Datagram Congestion Control Protocol RFC 4340
34 0x22 3PC Third Party Connect Protocol
35 0x23 IDPR Inter-Domain Policy Routing Protocol RFC 1479
36 0x24 XTP Xpress Transport Protocol
37 0x25 DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol
38 0x26 IDPR-CMTP IDPR Control Message Transport Protocol
39 0x27 TP++ TP++ Transport Protocol
40 0x28 IL IL Transport Protocol
41 0x29 IPv6 IPv6 Encapsulation RFC 2473
42 0x2A SDRP Source Demand Routing Protocol RFC 1940
43 0x2B IPv6-Route Routing Header for IPv6 RFC 2460
44 0x2C IPv6-Frag Fragment Header for IPv6 RFC 2460
45 0x2D IDRP Inter-Domain Routing Protocol
46 0x2E RSVP Resource Reservation Protocol RFC 2205
47 0x2F GRE Generic Routing Encapsulation RFC 2784, RFC 2890
48 0x30 MHRP Mobile Host Routing Protocol
49 0x31 BNA BNA
50 0x32 ESP Encapsulating Security Payload RFC 4303
51 0x33 AH Authentication Header RFC 4302
52 0x34 I-NLSP Integrated Net Layer Security Protocol TUBA
53 0x35 SWIPE SwIPe IP with Encryption
54 0x36 NARP NBMA Address Resolution Protocol RFC 1735
55 0x37 MOBILE IP Mobility (Min Encap) RFC 2004
56 0x38 TLSP Transport Layer Security Protocol (using Kryptonet key management)
57 0x39 SKIP Simple Key-Management for Internet Protocol RFC 2356
58 0x3A IPv6-ICMP ICMP for IPv6 RFC 4443, RFC 4884
59 0x3B IPv6-NoNxt No Next Header for IPv6 RFC 2460
60 0x3C IPv6-Opts Destination Options for IPv6 RFC 2460
61 0x3D Any host internal protocol
63 0x3F Any local network
64 0x40 SAT-EXPAK SATNET and Backroom EXPAK
65 0x41 KRYPTOLAN Kryptolan
66 0x42 RVD MIT Remote Virtual Disk Protocol
67 0x43 IPPC Internet Pluribus Packet Core
68 0x44 Any distributed file system
69 0x45 SAT-MON SATNET Monitoring
70 0x46 VISA VISA Protocol
71 0x47 IPCU Internet Packet Core Utility
72 0x48 CPNX Computer Protocol Network Executive
73 0x49 CPHB Computer Protocol Heart Beat
74 0x4A WSN Wang Span Network
75 0x4B PVP Packet Video Protocol
76 0x4C BR-SAT-MON Backroom SATNET Monitoring
77 0x4D SUN-ND SUN ND PROTOCOL-Temporary
78 0x4E WB-MON WIDEBAND Monitoring
80 0x50 ISO-IP International Organization for Standardization Internet Protocol
81 0x51 VMTP Versatile Message Transaction Protocol RFC 1045
82 0x52 SECURE-VMTP Secure Versatile Message Transaction Protocol RFC 1045
84 0x54 TTP TTP
84 0x54 IPTM Internet Protocol Traffic Manager
86 0x56 DGP Dissimilar Gateway Protocol
87 0x57 TCF TCF
89 0x59 OSPF Open Shortest Path First RFC 1583
90 0x5A Sprite-RPC Sprite RPC Protocol
91 0x5B LARP Locus Address Resolution Protocol
92 0x5C MTP Multicast Transport Protocol
93 0x5D AX.25 AX.25
94 0x5E IPIP IP-within-IP Encapsulation Protocol RFC 2003
95 0x5F MICP Mobile Internetworking Control Protocol
96 0x60 SCC-SP Semaphore Communications Sec. Pro
97 0x61 ETHERIP Ethernet-within-IP Encapsulation RFC 3378
98 0x62 ENCAP Encapsulation Header RFC 1241
99 0x63 Any private encryption scheme
100 0x64 GMTP GMTP
101 0x65 IFMP Ipsilon Flow Management Protocol
102 0x66 PNNI PNNI over IP
103 0x67 PIM Protocol Independent Multicast
104 0x68 ARIS IBM's ARIS (Aggregate Route IP Switching) Protocol
105 0x69 SCPS SCPS (Space Communications Protocol Standards) SCPS-TP[1]
106 0x6A QNX QNX
107 0x6B A/N Active Networks
108 0x6C IPComp IP Payload Compression Protocol RFC 3173
109 0x6D SNP Sitara Networks Protocol
110 0x6E Compaq-Peer Compaq Peer Protocol
111 0x6F IPX-in-IP IPX in IP
112 0x70 VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol, Common Address Redundancy Protocol (not IANA assigned) VRRP:RFC 3768
113 0x71 PGM PGM Reliable Transport Protocol RFC 3208
114 0x72 Any 0-hop protocol
115 0x73 L2TP Layer Two Tunneling Protocol Version 3 RFC 3931
116 0x74 DDX D-II Data Exchange (DDX)
117 0x75 IATP Interactive Agent Transfer Protocol
118 0x76 STP Schedule Transfer Protocol
119 0x77 SRP SpectraLink Radio Protocol
120 0x78 UTI Universal Transport Interface Protocol
121 0x79 SMP Simple Message Protocol
122 0x7A SM Simple Multicast Protocol draft-perlman-simple-multicast-03
123 0x7B PTP Performance Transparency Protocol
124 0x7C IS-IS over IPv4 Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS) Protocol over IPv4 RFC 1142 and RFC 1195
125 0x7D FIRE Flexible Intra-AS Routing Environment
126 0x7E CRTP Combat Radio Transport Protocol
127 0x7F CRUDP Combat Radio User Datagram
128 0x80 SSCOPMCE Service-Specific Connection-Oriented Protocol in a Multilink and Connectionless Environment ITU-T Q.2111 (1999)
129 0x81 IPLT
130 0x82 SPS Secure Packet Shield
131 0x83 PIPE Private IP Encapsulation within IP Expired I-D draft-petri-mobileip-pipe-00.txt
132 0x84 SCTP Stream Control Transmission Protocol
133 0x85 FC Fibre Channel
134 0x86 RSVP-E2E-IGNORE Reservation Protocol (RSVP) End-to-End Ignore RFC 3175
135 0x87 Mobility Header Mobility Extension Header for IPv6 RFC 6275
136 0x88 UDPLite Lightweight User Datagram Protocol RFC 3828
137 0x89 MPLS-in-IP Multiprotocol Label Switching Encapsulated in IP RFC 4023
138 0x8A manet MANET Protocols RFC 5498
139 0x8B HIP Host Identity Protocol RFC 5201
140 0x8C Shim6 Site Multihoming by IPv6 Intermediation RFC 5533
141 0x8D WESP Wrapped Encapsulating Security Payload RFC 5840
142 0x8E ROHC Robust Header Compression RFC 5856
143-252 0x8F-0xFC UNASSIGNED
253-254 0xFD-0xFE Use for experimentation and testing RFC 3692
255 0xFF Reserved.

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