List of Prime Ministers of Belarus

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Official coat of arms of the Republic of Belarus (v).svg
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This is a list of heads of government of Belarus from 1918 until present.

Belarusian National Republic (1918–1920)

Chairmen of the People's Secretariat

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers

Belarusian National Republic in Exile (1920–present)

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers

(in Vilnius to 1925, then in Prague, presently in Canada)

Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic (1920–1991)

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers

Republic of Belarus (1991–present)

Prime Ministers

# Picture Name
Took office Left office Origin Education Period
1 Coat of arms of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995).svg Vyacheslav Kebich
7 April 1990 21 July 1994 Minsk voblast Belarusian National Technical University 1566
2 Coat of arms of Belarus (1918, 1991-1995).svg Mikhail Chigir
21 July 1994 18 November 1996 Minsk voblast Belarusian State Economic University 851
3 Coat of arms of Belarus.svg Sergey Ling
18 November 1996 18 February 2000 Minsk Belarusian State Agricultural Academy 1187
4 Vladimir Yermoshin.jpg Vladimir Yermoshin
18 February 2000 1 October 2001 Pronsk, USSR Saint Petersburg State University of Civil Aviation 591
5 Coat of arms of Belarus.svg Gennady Novitsky
1 October 2001 10 July 2003 Mogilev Belarusian National Technical University 647
6 Sergey Sidorsky, October 2010.jpeg Sergei Sidorsky
10 July 2003 28 December 2010 Homiel Belarusian State University of Transport 2728
7 Mikhail Myasnikovich, March 2011.jpeg Mikhail Myasnikovich
28 December 2010 27 December 2014 Minsk voblast Brest State Technical University 1461
8 Andrei Kobjakow, Belarus Vize-Ministerpräsident 2.jpg Andrei Kobyakov
27 December 2014 Incumbent Moscow, USSR Belarusian State Economic University

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