List of Russian-language playwrights

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This is a list of authors who have written dramatic works in the Russian language.

For the plain text list, see Category:Russian dramatists and playwrights.

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Alphabetical list


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Аблесимов.jpg Alexander Ablesimov
The Miller
Alexander Afinogenov
A Far Place
Andreyev by Repin.jpg Leonid Andreyev
Tsar Hunger
The Life of Man
He Who Gets Slapped
Margalo Gillmore (Consuelo) & Richard Bennett (He) in He Who Gets Slapped, 1922.
Richard Bennett (He, left) & Louis Calvert (Baron Regnart, right) in He Who Gets Slapped, 1922.
Maria Arbatova RuNet-2009.jpg Maria Arbatova
(born 1957)
On the Road to Ourselves
Maria Arbatova in 2009.
Aleksei Arbuzov
A Long Road
Mikhail Petrovich Artsybashev.jpg Mikhail Artsybashev
File:Artsybashev & Yavorskaya.jpg
Artsybashev with the actress Yavorskaya, 1915.
Drawing of Artsybashev.
100px Arkady Averchenko
Drawing of Averchenko.
Averchenko, c1920.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Isaac Babel 1908.jpg Isaac Babel
Babel in 1930.
Babel, c1930s.
Pyotr Dmitryevich Boborykin.jpg Pyotr Boborykin
The Scale
Vera Komissarzhevskaya in The Scale.
Oleg Bogayev
(born 1970)
Bułhakow.jpg Mikhail Bulgakov
Zoya's Apartment
Adam and Eve
The Days of the Turbins
The Days of the Turbins, 1926.
Portrait of Bulgakov.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
100px Catherine the Great
Portrait of Catherine, 1745.
Portrait, 1794.
Anton Tschechow - Ölskizze von Lewitan.jpg Anton Chekhov
The Seagull
Uncle Vanya
Three Sisters
The Cherry Orchard
Stanislavski as Vershinin in Three Sisters.
Chekhov's wife Olga Knipper, who played Madame Ranevskaya in The Cherry Orchard.
Yevgeny Nikolayevich Chirikov.jpg Evgeny Chirikov
The Peasant
At his desk, 1904.
Portrait by Repin, 1906.
1894 ball - Const. Const.jpg Grand Duke Constantine
King of Judea
File:Konstantin Konstantinovich by Repin.jpg
The Grand Duke in military dress, 1891.
With his wife Elizaveta, 1894.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Demidovtsev.jpg Grigoriy Demidovtsev
(born 1960)
Certificate of membership in the Union of Russian Writers.
Demidovtsev in 2007.
Денисов вл1.jpg Victor Denisov
(born 1944)
«Six Specters of Lenin on a Piano».(Opening night: 20 May 1993)
After the premiere of «Six Specters of Lenin on a Piano». V.Denisov is second to the left, 1993
V.Denisov & a San-Francisco director V.Zavarina, 1994


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Nikolai Erdman
The Suicide
Evreinov by Repin.jpg Nikolai Evreinov
A Merry Death
The Chief Thing
The Presentation of Love
The Storming of the Winter Palace
Drawing of Evreinov, 1921.
Memorial plaque in Paris.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Denis Fonvizin.jpg Denis Fonvizin
The Minor
Statue of Fonvizin, part of the Millennium of Russia monument.
File:Fonviziny COA.jpg
The Fonvizin Family Coat of Arms.
Olga Forsh
The Substitute Lecturer


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
100px Alexander Galich
100px Zinaida Gippius
The Green Ring
File:Gippius by Repin.jpg
Portrait of Gippius by Ilya Repin, 1894.
N.Gogol by F.Moller (early 1840s, Ivanovo) detail.jpg Nikolai Gogol
The Government Inspector
Fyodor Paramonov as Anton Antonovich in Gogol's The Government Inspector.
Cover of the First Edition of The Government Inspector. 1836
100px Dmitry Gorchakov
King for a Day
Grigori Gorin
Mikhail Nesterov 042.jpg Maxim Gorky
The Lower Depths
Children of the Sun
A scene from The Lower Depths.
Another scene from The Lower Depths.
Griboyedov.jpg Aleksandr Griboyedov
Woe from Wit
Stanislavski as Famusov in Woe from Wit.
Title page of Griboyedov's manuscript of Woe from Wit.1824
100px Isabella Grinevskaya
Elena Guro 7.jpg Elena Guro
The Hurdy-Gurdy
Guro's portrait of her husband Mikhail Matyushin.
Elena and Mikhail.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
USSR stamp V.V.Ivanov 1965 4k.jpg Vsevolod Ivanov
Armoured Train 14-69
1927 production of Armoured Train 14-69.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
100px Vasily Kapnist
Postcard featuring Kapnist.
100px Valentin Kataev
Quadrature of the Circle
Kataev's brother, the writer Yevgeni Petrov.
100px Pavel Katenin
Yevgeny Kharitonov
Under House Arrest
Charms.jpg Daniil Kharms
Graffiti of Kharms on a wall in Kharkiv.
Caricature of Kharms by Antonovsky
Mikhail Kheraskov.jpg Mikhail Kheraskov
Vladimir Kirshon
The Miraculous Alloy
Yakov Knyazhnin.jpg Yakov Knyazhnin
The Cranks
The Braggart
Vadim the Bold
100px Eugene Kozlovsky
(born 1946)
Ivan Krylov.jpg Ivan Krylov
Monument to Krylov in St Petersburg.
Monument to Krylov and Pushkin in Pushkino.
100px Nestor Kukolnik
A Life for the Tsar
File:Nestor Kukolnik Ruka Vsevyshnego.JPG
Title page from one of Kukolnik's dramas, 1834.
Plaque for Kukolnik in Taganrog.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Lazhechnikov.jpg Ivan Lazhechnikov
Leonid Leonov 1929.jpg Leonid Leonov
Dmitri Lipskerov
(born 1964)
100px Lev Lunts
Native Land


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
100px Anatoly Marienhof
With the poet Sergei Yesenin, 1915.
Samuil Marshak
Smart Things
The Twelve Months
Soviet stamp featuring Marshak.
Mikhail Matinsky
Saint-Petersburg's Trade Stalls
Mayakovsky Vladimir.jpg Vladimir Mayakovsky
The Bedbug
The Bathhouse
A young Mayakovsky
Soviet stamp featuring Mayakovsky.
100px Sergey Mikhalkov
Three Plus Two
File:Vladimir Putin 13 March 2003-4.jpg
Mikhailov receiving an award from Vladimir Putin in 2003.
Talking with Vladimir Putin in 2003.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Monument to Nabokov at Montreux.
Vladimir Nabokov
The Waltz Invention
Nabokov's first published work.
Playing chess with his wife Vera.
Löb Nevakhovich
Alexandr Neverov 1925.jpg Alexander Neverov
Drawing of Neverov.
Nikolay Nikolev.jpg Nikolai Nikolev
Osip Notovich
Shady Business


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Alexander Ostrovsky by Vasily Perov.jpg Alexander Ostrovsky
The Storm
The Poor Bride
Poverty is No Vice
Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man
Stanislavski (left), and Vasily Kachalov in Enough Stupidity in Every Wise Man.
Monument to Osrovsky at the Maly Theatre in Moscow.
Valentin Ovechkin
A Time to Reap
100px Vladislav Ozerov
Dmitry Donskoy


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Vera Panova
Ivan Kosogor
In Old Moscow
Plaque for Panova in St. Petersburg.
Ludmilla Petrushevskaya seven 2009 Shankbone NYC.jpg Lyudmila Petrushevskaya
(born 1938)
Petrushevskaya in 2009.
At a booksigning in New York with Keith Gessen, 2009.
Pisemsky by Repin.jpg Aleksey Pisemsky
A Bitter Fate
The Hypochondriac
Lieutenant Gladkov
The Financial Genius
A Bitter Fate. Lizaveta. Picture by Ilya Repin.
Engraving of Pisemsky.
Nikolai Pogodin
Mikhail Popov
Alexander Preys
Iosif Prut
Kiprensky Pushkin.jpg Alexander Pushkin
Boris Godunov
The Stone Guest
Mozart and Salieri
The Covetous Knight
The Stone Guest. Don Juan and Doña Ana. Picture by Ilya Repin.
Monument to Pushkin in Moscow.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Vladimir Putin 5 March 2002-7.jpg Edvard Radzinsky
(born 1936)
Rybakov Vyacheslav 2006 11 13 001.jpg Vyacheslav Rybakov
(born 1954)


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Saz NI.jpg Natalya Sats
100px Shchepkina-Kupernik
Summer Picture
Evgeny Shvarts
The Dragon
Vassily Sigarev
Black Milk
100px Fyodor Sologub
The Triumph of Death
Portrait by Konstantin Somov.
Ксения Степанычева 2.jpg Ksenya Stepanycheva
(born 1978)
Pink Bow
Stepanycheva in 2009.
Sukhovo-Kobylin.jpg Aleksandr Sukhovo-Kobylin
The Case
Krechinsky's Wedding
The Death of Tarelkin
Sukhovo-Kobylin, c1850s.
Aleksandr's sister, the writer Evgenia Tur.
Sumarokov by A.Losenko.jpg Alexander Sumarokov
Portrait of Sumarokov by Fedor Rokotov.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Yelizaveta Tarakhovskaya
By the Pike's Wish
Tarakhovskaya's birth house in Taganrog.
Modest Ilyich Tchaikovsky.jpg Modest Tchaikovsky
Tchaikovsky's brother, the composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky.
Nadezhda Teffi
The Woman Question
Viktoriya Tokareva
(born 1937)
A.K.Tolstoy by Repin.jpg Aleksey K. Tolstoy
The Death of Ivan the Terrible
Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich
Tsar Boris
Don Juan
Tsar Fyodor Ioannovich.
ANTolstoy.jpg Aleksey N. Tolstoy
Stamp featuring Tolstoy.
Leon tolstoi.jpg Leo Tolstoy
The Power of Darkness
The Fruits of Enlightenment
The Living Corpse
Stanislavski as Zvezdintsev in The Fruits of Enlightenment, 1891.
Stanislavski as Prince Abrezhov in The Living Corpse, 1911.
Sergei Tretyakov
I Want a Baby
Turgenev by Repin 1879.jpg Ivan Turgenev
A Month in the Country
Stanislavski and Knipper in A Month in the Country, 1909.
A scene from A Month in the Country.


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
EduardUspenskiy.jpg Eduard Uspensky
(born 1937)


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Alexander Vampilov
Elder Son
Anastasia Verbitskaya 2.gif Anastasiya Verbitskaya
Verbitskaya in 1898.
Vsevolod Vishnevsky
Optimistic Tragedy


Portrait Person Notable works Illustration Illustration
Mark Zakharov.jpg Mark Zakharov
(born 1933)
Zakharov with Dmitry Medvedev in 2008.
Boris Zaitsev 7.jpg Boris Zaytsev
100px Aleksey Zhemchuzhnikov
Zinovieva-Annibal 01.jpg Lydia Zinovieva-Annibal

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