List of honorary degrees

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This list of honorary degrees lists all honorary degrees, including honorary doctorates.

Honorary doctorates

Acronym Name Reference
Hon. D.A. Honorary Doctor of Arts [1]
Hon. D.A.H. Honorary Doctor of Arts and Humane Letters [2]
Hon. D.B. Honorary Doctor of Business [3]
Hon. D.D. Honorary Doctor of Divinity
Hon. D.F.A. Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts
Hon. D.H.L. Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters [3]
Hon. D.L.A. Honorary Doctor of Liberal Arts
Hon. LL.D. Honorary Doctor of Laws [4]
Hon. Litt.D. Honorary Doctor of Letters [1]
Hon. D.Sc. Honorary Doctor of Science [5][6]
Hon. D.Math Honorary Doctor of Mathematics

Other honorary degrees

Acronym Name Reference
Hon. D.Univ. Honorary Doctor of the University
Hon. D.Litt. Honorary Doctor of Letters


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