List of important publications in philosophy

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This is a list of important publications in philosophy, organized by field.

Some reasons why a particular publication might be regarded as important:

  • Topic creator – A publication that created a new topic
  • Breakthrough – A publication that changed scientific knowledge significantly
  • Influence – A publication which has significantly influenced the world or has had a massive impact on the teaching of philosophy.

History of European and Islamic Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy

Medieval Philosophy

Modern Philosophy

Title page of Advancement of Learning by Francis Bacon

Asian Philosophy

Indian Philosophy

Chinese Philosophy

Zhou Dynasty

Warring States

Song Dynasty


  • Feng Youlan, A History of Chinese Philosophy, 1934
  • Feng Youlan, New Rational Philosophy, 1939

Japanese Philosophy

Pre-Meiji Buddhism

Modern Philosophy

Contemporary Philosophy

Phenomenology and Existentialism

Hermeneutics and Deconstruction

Structuralism and Post-structuralism

Critical Theory and Marxism



Philosophy of biology

Philosophy of chemistry

Philosophy of mind

Philosophy of physics

Philosophy of psychology

Philosophy of religion

Philosophy of science

Ethics, value, and social philosophy



Freedom and responsibility
Business ethics
  • Tibor R. Machan, The Morality of Business: A Profession for Human Wealthcare (2007)
  • Judith Butler, 'Performative Acts and Gender Constitution', (1988)

Philosophy of economics

Philosophy of education

Philosophy of history

Philosophy of law

Political philosophy


Logic, language, and mathematics

Logic and philosophy of logic

Philosophy of language

Philosophy of mathematics

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