List of military decorations of Nazi Germany

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File:Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2006-0191, Bodewin Keitel.jpg
Bodewin Claus Eduard Keitel (brother of Wilhelm Keitel) displaying several military awards of the Wehrmacht

The military decorations of Nazi Germany were awards and medals bestowed by the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS between 1935 and 1945, during the rule of the Nazi Party in Germany and the years of World War II.

Military Decorations

Unique Medals & Special Degrees

Star of the Grand Cross of the Iron Cross Grand Cross of the Iron Cross Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
with Golden Oakleaves
Swords, and Diamonds
Golden Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross
(Awarded with and without Swords)
German Cross with Diamonds
Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oakleaves, Swords, and Diamonds.png

Military valor decorations

Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
with Oakleaves, Swords, and Diamonds
Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
with Oakleaves and Swords
Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
with Oakleaves
Knights Cross of the Iron Cross
Bm RK EK mit Eichenlaub Schwerten Brillanten(4).jpg
RK EK.png

Meritorious military decorations

German Cross in Gold Iron Cross First Class Iron Cross Second Class 1939 Clasp to the Iron Cross Military Honor Roll Clasp
(Awarded for Army, Navy, and Air Force)
Iron Cross - 2nd Class.jpg
Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross
(Awarded with and without Swords)
German Cross in Silver War Merit Cross (First and Second Class)
(Awarded with and without Swords)
Knights Cross of the War Merit Cross with Swords.jpg
Spanish Cross in Gold, Silver, and Bronze
Awarded with and without Swords
Special grade awarded in Gold with Diamonds
Posthumous grade known as "Spanish Cross for Next of Kin of Fallen"

Military service decorations

Cross of Honor (1914–1918) Eastern Front Medal West Wall Medal[1]
Upgradeable to include 1944 Bar
Anschluss Medal Memel Medal Sudetenland Medal
Upgradeable to include
Prague Castle Bar
Sudetenland Medal.PNG

Military service medals

Wehrmacht Long Service Award
Awarded for Army, Navy, and Air Force
Awarded in grades of 4, 12, 18, 25, and 40 Years of Service
Waffen-SS Long Service Award
Awarded in grades of 4, 12, 18, and 25 Years of Service

Wound badges

1939 Wound Badge
(Awarded in Gold, Silver, and Black)
Wound Badge of 20 July 1944
Wound Badge 1944.jpg
Spanish Wound Badge
(Awarded in Gold, Silver, and Black)

Arm Shields and Cuffbands

Arm Shields

Narvik Shield Crimea Shield Demyansk Shield Kuban Shield
Narvikschild farbe silber.jpg
Krim Shield.jpg


Campaign Cuffbands

Crete Cuffband
Afrika Cuffband
Metz Cuffband
Kurland Cuffband

General Cuffbands

Military Service Badges

Army/Waffen-SS War Badges

Infantry Assault Badge
(Silver and Bronze)
General Assault Badge
(also with engagement numbers
25, 50, 75 and 100
Close Combat Clasp
(Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
Tank Battle Badge
(Silver and Bronze)
(also with engagement numbers
25, 50, 75 and 100
Army Anti-Aircraft Badge
General Assault Badge.jpg
Nahkampfspange Heer Gold.jpg
Panzer badge.jpg
Army Anti-Aircraft Badge.jpg
Army Paratrooper Badge Anti-Partisan
Guerrilla Warfare Badge

(Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
Balloon Observer's Badge
(Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
Tank Destruction Badge
(Gold and Silver)
Sniper's Badge
(Third, Second and First Grade)
Tank Memorial Badge
Fallschirmschützenabzeichen der Luftwaffe.jpg
Ballon Observers Badge.png

Naval War Badges

High Seas Fleet Badge Destroyer War Badge Minesweeper War Badge Blockade Runner Badge
High Seas Fleet War Badge.jpg
E-Boat War Badge U-Boat War Badge Auxiliary Cruiser Badge Naval Artillery War Badge
E-boat War Badge.jpg
Auxiliary Cruiser Badge.jpg
U-Boat Combat Clasp
(Gold and Silver)
Naval Combat Clasp Small Battle Unit Combat Clasp
Kampfabzeichen der Kleinkampfmittel 7. Stufe.jpg

Luftwaffe War Badges

Combined Pilots-Observation Badge Pilot's Badge Luftwaffe Paratrooper Badge
Fallschirmschützenabzeichen der Luftwaffe.jpg
Anti-Aircraft Flak Battle Badge Tank Combat Badge of the Luftwaffe Ground Assault Badge of the Luftwaffe
Flak-Kampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe.jpg
Panzerkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe in Schwarz.jpg
Luftwaffe Ground-Attack Badge.jpg
Observer Badge Glider Pilot Badge Radio Operator Badge
Observer Badge.jpg
Operatore radio mitragliere.jpg
Flyer's Commemorative Badge Aircrew Badge

Luftwaffe flying clasps

Luftwaffe Flying Clasps

Luftwaffe Flying Clasps were awarded in Bronze, Silver, and Gold with upgrade possible to include diamonds. Pennants suspended from the clasp indicated the number of missions carried out in a given type of aircraft. Flying Clasps were issued for missions completed in the following Luftwaffe aircraft

  • Day Fighters
  • Night Fighters
  • Long-Range Night Fighters
  • Heavy Fighters
  • Air to Ground Support Fighters
  • Bombers
  • Reconnaissance
  • Transport and Glider

Foreign Division Awards

Foreign division awards were specially intended for non-German volunteers serving in specially formed divisions serving under the German military. The two primary foreign division awards were as follows:

Blue Division Medal Ostvolk Medal First Class
(Gold and Silver)
(Awarded with and without Swords)
Ostvolk Medal Second Class
(Gold, Silver and Bronze)
(Awarded with and without Swords)
Blue Division Medal (anti-bolshevism) obv.jpg


  1. The West Wall Medal was issued twice, once in 1939 and again in 1944. The 1944 version was commonly referred to as the "German Defense Medal". For those personnel who had already received the 1939 West Wall Medal, a "1944 Bar" was authorized to the decoration.

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