Magomed Tolboyev

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Magomed Tolboev (Магомед Толбоев) (born 20 January 1951) was a high-profile Soviet-era test-pilot who initially came to public attention as a test-pilot for the Buran space shuttle. He is from Dagestan. He continued his successful career after the collapse of the Soviet Union, working on both civilian and military aircraft in Russia and held several governmental appointments including in the Aviation Ministry.[1] He was decorated with the title Hero of Russia and other honours before retiring from active service. He continues to be a part-time consultant and commentator on aviation issues.

Tolboev was the focus of international attention due to an attack on him by individuals from the Moscow police department. Some have claimed the attack was racially motivated because Tolboev had "Chechen features." Though charges were not brought up by Tolboev, the Moscow police have looked into the incident. [1]