Mai Brat language

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Region Papua
Native speakers
unknown (25,000 cited 1987)[2]
Karon Dori
Language codes
ISO 639-3 Either:
ayz – Mai Brat (= Ajamaru)
kgw – Karon Dori[1]
Glottolog maib1239[3]

The Mai Brat (Maybrat) is a Papuan language spoken by the Ayamaru and Karon Dori peoples of the Maybrat Regency on the Bird's Head Peninsula of New Guinea. Ayamaru dialect is spoken in the many villages around the Ayamaru Lakes. It is only distantly related to other languages, sharing 10% of its vocabulary with its nearest neighbors (apart from the very similar Karon Dori), though it may be part of the West Papuan family.

Variant spellings of the language include Majbrat, Mey Brat, and Brat. Other names include Atinjo and Maite.

Mai Brat is fairly isolating, with subject–verb–object and noun–adjective word order.


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