Mairasi languages

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New Guinea
Linguistic classification: One of the world's primary language families
Glottolog: mair1253[1]

The Mairasi languages are a small independent family of Papuan languages in the classification of Malcolm Ross, that had been part of Stephen Wurm's Trans–New Guinea proposal.


The Mairasi languages are clearly related to each other.

Mairasi cannot be linked to other families by its pronouns. However, Voorhoeve (1975) links in to the Sumeri (Tanah Merah) language of the Trans–New Guinea family, and further research is needed.


The pronouns Ross reconstructs for proto-Mairasi are,

I *omo we *etumaka (inclusive), *eme (exclusive)
thou *nemi you *keme
s/he  ? they *negi

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