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Marcel J. Mélançon is a philosopher and scientist who works in Canada and is mostly known for his book on the French philosopher Albert Camus Albert Camus, An Analysis of his thought (Albert Camus. Analyse de sa pensée).[1] He has mostly worked together with the biologist Richard D. Lambert.

Professor Mélançon teaches in the Department of Philosophy in the "Collège de Chicoutimi" and he is a researcher in bioethics funded by SSHRC (Fonds de la recherche en santé du Québec-FRSQ) and the "Programme de soutien des chercheurs de collège" (PSCC).

He is also Associate Professor in the Department of Religion and Ethics at the "Université du Québec" at Chicoutimi where he is co-director of a graduate program in bioethics.

He received a Master's degree in experimental medicine with a specialty in genetics from "Université Laval" and a doctorate in philosophy from the "Université de Fribourg" in Switzerland.

Professor Mélançon has authored more than two books and some articles on ethical issues in genetics, with particular reference to genetic testing and screening. He is currently the Director of an inter-institutional and interdisciplinary group (GÉNÉTHIQ) in Quebec representing researchers in genetics, ethics, sociology and law, and co-director of the ethics division of the Clinical Ethics Network funded by the FRSQ.

Professor Mélançon is a founding member of the Canadian Bioethics Society where he served as vice-president from 1986 to 1988. He is also a member of various bioethics committees and, also, a member of the NCEHR Committee on Evaluation.


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