March 2016 Dokuchaievsk skirmish

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March 2016 Dokuchaievsk skirmish
Part of the War in Donbass
Date 4–5 March 2016
Location near Dokuchaievsk, Donetsk Oblast, Eastern Ukraine
Ukraine Ukraine Donetsk People's Republic Donetsk People's Republic
Units involved

Armed Forces of Ukraine
Emblem of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.svg Special Forces

  • 73rd Naval Center of Special Operations of the Navy of Ukraine.jpeg 73rd Naval Center[1]
Dokuchaievsk garrison (according to the DPR) Special Operations Squad (according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine)
Casualties and losses
2 killed, several wounded[2][1] none (according to the DPR)
30 killed (according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine)[2]

A skirmish between Ukrainian and Donetsk People's Republic's reconnaissance troops took place near Dokuchaievsk in early March 2016, during the War in Donbass.

The Skirmish

On the night of March 4, a Ukrainian Special Forces squad patrolling along the Mariupol front detected a Russian-separatists special operations group near the town of Dokuchaievsk. Both sides engaged each other in a firefight that left two Ukrainian Spetznaz troops dead and several wounded.[3][4][1]

A Ukrainian presidential spokesman for the military operation in Eastern Ukraine, Andriy Lysenko, said the pro-Russian squadron suffered up to 30 fatalities in the battle, that involved coordinated actions by Ukrainian armed forces servicemen from several different service arms.[2]

Donetsk People's Republic spokesman, deputy defence minister Eduard Basurin, said several civilian casualties were caused by Ukrainian shelling in the neighboring village of Nikolayevka.[5]


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