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Mark Naumovich Lipovetsky (Mарк Наумович Липовецкий) (born June 2, 1964) is a Russian literary, film, and cultural critic who advocates the position that postmodernism is replacing socialist realism as the dominant art movement in Russia. His major interests include 20th century Russian literature, Russian postmodernism, fairy-tales, Mikhail Bakhtin's carnival, totalitarian and post-communist cultures.

Mark Lipovestky is the author of five books and more than seventy articles including: Russian Postmodernist Fiction: Dialogue with Chaos (1999) and Russian Postmodernism: The Essays of Historic Poetics (1997).

He is an associate professor with the Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures and joint faculty member at the Comparative Literature Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

He resides in Boulder, CO with his wife and son.

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