Marko Bezruchko

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Marko Bezruchko

Marko Danylovych Bezruchko (1883–1944) was a Ukrainian military commander and a General of the Ukrainian National Republic.

Bezruchko was born in 1883 in Velikiy Tokmak, Taurida Governorate. In 1912 he enrolled in the Russian Nikolai Academy of General Staff in Saint Petersburg. Later numerous graduates of the Academy joined the Ukrainian People's Army such as Mykola Yunakiv. During World War I he served in the Russian army. After the revolution in Russia he returned to Ukraine, where in 1918 he joined the armed forces of the Ukrainian National Republic.

In 1918 as an officer of the General Staff he was the commander of the 1st Unit of the Army of UNR. In 1919 he became the chief of staff of the Independent Corps of Sich Riflemen. In 1920, after Petliura's alliance with Poland, he became the commanding officer of a regiment-sized 6th Ukrainian Infantry Division of the 2nd Polish Army under General Antoni Listowski. He commanded the unit in the Kiev Offensive of the Polish Army. Between 1921 and 1924 he was also a member of the Highest Military Council of the government of UNR in exile in Poland.

After the Peace of Riga he remained in Warsaw, where he died in 1944.