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Micki Pistorius (born 19 March 1961, in Pretoria) is a South African profiler and author. She was the first profiler to be appointed to the South African Police Service (SAPS). She was the founder and commander of the Investigative Psych Unit, Serious and Violent Crimes Component, of SAPS and spent six years as a profiler. She authored the first doctoral thesis on Serial Killers in South Africa. She was involved in more than thirty serial killer cases and participated in the training of nearly two hundred detectives in the investigation of serial homicides.

She is the aunt of paralympic athlete and murderer Oscar Pistorius.[1]

Books by Micki Pistorius

Books about Micki Pistorius

  • Micki Pistorius une femme sur la trace des serial killers by Stéphane Bourgouin. (In French) ISBN 2-86391-997-0


  1. Daniel Howden, Why South Africa's top murder expert will not be involved in Oscar Pistorius case: she is his aunt The Independent

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