Ministry of General Machine Building

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The Ministry of General Machine-Building Industry of the USSR (MOM) (Russian: Министерство общего машиностроения СССР) was one of the central offices in the Soviet Union, established by the provisions of the CPSU Central Committee and USSR Council of Ministers no. 126-47 on 2 March 1965, who oversaw all issues related to space exploration in the USSR.

At the beginning the ministry consisted of 55 organizational units - companies, firms and research institutes: in 1966 there were 134, in 1991, 160.

On September 17, 1991, the Ministry was wound up, passing on their duties to the newly established Federal Space Agency Roskosmos (Федеральное космическое агентство - Роскосмос).


The Ministry headquarters was located in Soviet times in Moscow, on Miusskaya Sq. (Миусская пл.) 3. In Soviet times, the phone book did not indicate the address of the Ministry.

List of ministers

Various Soviet engineers and politicians hold the title during the years:

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