Ministry of Railways (Soviet Union)

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Ministry of Railways of the USSR
Министерство путей сообщения СССР
Coat of arms of the Soviet Union.svg
All ministry seals of the Soviet Union used the Soviet coat of arms
Agency overview
Formed 6 July 1923
Dissolved 20 January 1992
Superseding agency
Jurisdiction Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Headquarters Moscow, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union

The Ministry of Railways (Russian: Министерство путей сообщения (МПС) Российской империи/СССР/РФ or Народный комиссариат путей сообщения (НКПС), more correctly translated as Ministry/People's Commisariat of Transportation[1]) oversaw Soviet Railways, which operated the railways of the Soviet Union. It was divided into 32 agencies, which among them had millions of employees. The ministry was responsible for centralized departments (such as electrification), which applied to all subsidiaries.

Before 1946 the ministry was known as the People's Commissariat for Railways, although the term "Ministry of Railways" had been used by the pre-Soviet ministry (founded in 1865).

Commissars and Ministers

The following persons headed the Commissariat/Ministry as commissars (narkoms), ministers, and deputy ministers during the Soviet era:

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