Minjung theology

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Minjung theology
Hangul 민중신학
Hanja 民衆神學
Revised Romanization Minjung Sinhak
McCune–Reischauer Minjung Sinhak

Minjung theology (Hangul민중신학; hanja民衆神學; RRMinjung Sinhak; MRMinjung Sinhak; the people's theology) emerged in the 1970s from the experience of South Korean Christians in the struggle for social justice. It is a people's theology, and, according to its authors, "a development of the political hermeneutics of the Gospel in terms of the Korean reality".

It is part of a wider Asian theological ferment, but it was not designed for export. It "is firmly rooted in a particular situation, and growing out of the struggles of Christians who embrace their own history as well as the universal message of the Bible."

Minjung theology began with Ahn Byung Mu in the 1970s. He is often considered the "father" of minjung theology. Minjung, which means the "people" in the communist sense of the proletariat, is made up of people who are ostracized by the larger community.

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