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The Minnesota Attorney General is the state Attorney General of the U.S. state of Minnesota. The Attorney General is the state's chief legal officer and is an executive position elected by the voters for a four-year term.

The Office of the Minnesota Attorney General represents and provides legal advice to over 100 agencies, boards, and commissions of the government of Minnesota. The Office represents the state in state and federal court, as well as in administrative adjudication and rulemaking hearings. The Office handles felony criminal appeals, advises local prosecutors in the conduct of criminal trials and handles cases at the request of local prosecutors. In addition, the Office issues formal opinions interpreting statutes for the agencies and political subdivisions of the state.

The Minnesota Attorney General is a member of the Minnesota Executive Council, the Minnesota Board of Investment, the Minnesota Board of Pardons, and the Minnesota Land Exchange Board.

The current Attorney General is Lori Swanson.

List of Minnesota Attorneys General

Minnesota Territory:

Name Took office Left office Party
Lorenzo A. Babcock 1849 1853
Lafayette Emmett 1853 1858

In 1886, elections were moved from odd years to even years. Beginning with the 1962 election, the term of the office increased from two to four years.

State of Minnesota:

No. Name Term of Office Political Party
1 Charles H. Berry 1858-1860
2 Gordon E. Cole 1860-1866
3 William J. Colvill 1866-1868
4 Francis R. E. Cornell 1868-1874
5 George P. Wilson 1874-1880
6 Charles M. Start 1880-1881
7 William J. Hahn 1881-1887
8 Moses E. Clapp 1887-1893 Republican
9 Henry W. Childs 1893-1899
10 Wallace B. Douglas 1899-1904 Republican
11 William J. Donahower 1904-1905
12 Edward T. Young 1905-1909
13 George T. Simpson 1909-1912
14 Lyndon A. Smith 1912-1918 Republican
15 Clifford L. Hilton 1918-1927
16 Albert F. Pratt 1927-1928
17 G. Aaron Youngquist 1928-1929 Republican
18 Henry N. Benson 1929-1933
19 Harry H. Peterson 1933-1936
20 William S. Ervin 1936-1939
21 Joseph A. A. Burnquist 1939-1955 Republican
22 Miles W. Lord 1955-1960 DFL
23 Walter Mondale 1960-1964 DFL
24 Robert W. Mattson, Sr. 1964-1967 DFL
25 Douglas M. Head 1967-1971 Republican
26 Warren Spannaus 1971-1983 DFL
27 Hubert H. Humphrey, III 1983-1999 DFL
28 Mike Hatch 1999-2007 DFL
29 Lori Swanson 2007-present DFL

Notes on Minnesota political party names

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