Moscow Governorate

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Moscow Governorate
Московская губерния
Governorate of Russian Empire

Coat of arms of Moscow

Coat of arms

Map of Moscow Governorate.
Capital Moscow
 •  Established 1708
 •  Disestablished 1929
 •  1897 2,430,581 

Moscow Governorate (Russian: Московская губерния; pre-reform Russian: Московская губернiя), or the Government of Moscow, was an administrative division (a guberniya) of the Tsardom of Russia, the Russian Empire, and the Russian SFSR, which existed in 1708–1929.


Moscow Governorate, together with seven other governorates, was established on December 29 [O.S. December 18], 1708, by Tsar Peter the Great's edict.[1] As with the rest of the governorates, neither the borders nor internal subdivisions of Moscow Governorate were defined; instead, the territory was defined as a set of cities and the lands adjacent to those cities.[2]


Cities included into Moscow Governorate at the time of its establishment[1]
# City # City # City
1. Moscow 14. Lyubim 27. Suzdal
2. Aleksin 15. Medyn 28. Tarussa
3. Borovsk 16. Mikhaylov 29. Tsarev Borisov
4. Dedilov 17. Mozhaysk 30. Tula
5. Dmitrov 18. Obolensk 31. Veneva
6. Gremyachey 19. Pecherniki 32. Vereya
7. Kaluga 20. Pereslavl Ryazanskoy 33. Volodimir
8. Klin 21. Pereslavl Zaleskoy 34. Volokolamsk
9. Kolomna 22. Pronsk 35. Yaroslavets Maly
10. Koshira 23. Rostov 36. Yepifan
11. Kostroma 24. Ruza 37. Yuryev Polskoy
12. Krapivna 25. Serpukhov 38. Zaraysk
13. Lukh 26. Shuya 39. Zvenigorod

The governorate underwent numerous changes in the following years, and was finally abolished on January 14, 1929 when modern Moscow Oblast was created.



  • Population by mother tongue according to the Imperial census of 1897.


  • According to the Imperial census of 1897.[3]


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