Moses ben Isaac Bonems

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Moses ben Isaac Bonems of Lublin (died 1668) was a Polish rabbi born in Cracow.

He was a great-grandson of Moses Isserles, and later became the son-in-law of Samuel Eliezer Edels. He was successively rabbi at Liuboml (Volhynia) and Lublin. In the approbations to works given by the members of the Council of Four Lands at the Gramnitza (candlestick) fair on 6 April 1664, Moses signed first. He was the author of novellæ on the Talmud, published with the Ḥiddushe Halakot, last recension (Mahdura Batra), of R. Samuel Edels (Lublin, 1670). He died in Lublin on 25 November 1668.

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