Moskovskaya Komsomolka

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Moskovskaya Komsomolka weekly
Type Alternative weekly
Format Tabloid
Owner(s) Boris Berezovsky
Publisher Yevgeny Dodolev
Editor Marina Lesko
Founded 1999
Ceased publication 2001
Headquarters Moscow, Russia
Circulation From 75.000 in 1999 down to 25,500 in 2001
Website NewLookMedia

Moskovskaya Komsomolka was a satirical newspaper published weekly in Russia (1999-2001).[1] The newspaper had a fixed 32 page layout.


Founded by Boris Berezovsky and Yevgeny Dodolev,[2] it featured investigative journalism and leaks from sources inside the Russian business world, as well as a large number of cartoons. Its history saw a number of stunts. It published so-called "leaks" from administration officials, including information from whistle-blowers

Valeriya Novodvorskaya said that it was most provocative newspaper in Russia.[3]

Although the Moskovskaya Komsomolka never lost its touches of humor, it soon established itself as a pre-eminent forum for serious journalism.

The Moskovskaya Komsomolka writers include:

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