Gustav Emil Mueller

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Gustav Emil Mueller (May 12, 1898 – July 10, 1987) was a Hegelian scholar and philosopher, who received a doctorate in philosophy in 1923 from the University of Bern. He studied also at the University of Heidelberg. After teaching in European universities and joining the faculty of the University of Oregon in 1925, he became a professor of philosophy at the University of Oklahoma in 1930.

He also wrote and published poetry and drama, composed music. Mueller's collected papers are housed at the University of Oklahoma, Western History Collections. Hegel: The Man, His Vision, and His Work (1959) is considered to be his most important contribution.


  • The History of American Philosophy (1936),
  • The Philosophy of Our Uncertainties (1936),
  • Philosophy of Literature (1948),
  • Dialectic: A Way Into and Within Philosophy (1953),
  • The Interplay of Opposites(1956)
  • A Dialectical Ontology (1956),
  • Hegel: The Man, His Vision, and His Work (1959),
  • Plato, The Founder of Philosophy as Dialectic (1965).

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