Muravey-class patrol boat

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two 133 "Antares" border guard ship/boat in Novorossiysk
Class overview
Name: Muravey class (Project 133 Antares)
Operators:  Soviet Navy,  Russian Navy,  Ukrainian Navy
Preceded by: Turya class torpedo boat
In service: 1983- present day
Completed: 16
Active: 11?
General characteristics
Type: hydrofoilPatrol boat
Displacement: 180 tons standard, 230 tons full load
Length: 40 m
Beam: 7.6 m
Draught: 1.9m (4 m foilborne)
Propulsion: 2 shaft gas turbines, 22,000 hp
Speed: 40 knots (60 knots in some sources)
Crew: 30
Sensors and
processing systems:
Radar: Pot Drum, Muff Comb, High Pole, Sonar: Foal Tail
  • 1 × 76mm gun (single mounting forward
  • 1 AK630 CIWS (aft)
  • 2× 406 mm torpedo tubes

The Muravey class is the NATO reporting name for a class of hydrofoil patrol boats built for the Soviet Navy between 1983 and 1989. The Soviet designation was Project 133 Antares.


The boats were designed as patrol vessels and were built in Feodosiya for the Black Sea Fleet. They are powered by gas turbines in contrast to diesel engines used for most other Soviet fast attack craft to achieve higher speeds.


16 boats were built for the Soviet Navy between 1983 and 1989

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