Nanduri Bapiraju

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Sri Nanduri Bapiraju was born on October 5, 1908 (in a village called Pulletikurru, now located in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India) to Sri Nanduri Ramachandrudu and Smt. Venkata Ramanamma. He married Rajeswari, the daughter of a zamindaar (landlord) in Pulletikurru. In 1930, Sri Nanduri Bapiraju attempted to pursue a Bachelors in Law (B.L.) in Madras University but diverted his interests to the freedom movement. In the foot steps of Mahatma Gandhi, he too participated in the act of Satyagraha. After 1932, he was able to secure a position as Public Prosecutor in the Andhra Pradesh High Court. Sri Bapiraju was an ardent advocate of Hindu-Muslim unity. He later received his B.L. from Madras University after which he was convicted for his involvement in the freedom movement. He was released from prison after 17 months of incarceration by reason of good behavior. Sri Nanduri Bapiraju died on July 22, 1995 and is now known for his legacy as a freedom fighter and a Senior Advocate.