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The Nebraska Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer and lawyer for the U.S. state of Nebraska.

List of Attorneys General

Attorney General Term Party
Champion S. Chase1 1867–1869 Republican
Seth Robinson 1869–1871 Republican
George H. Roberts 1871–1873 Republican
Joseph R. Webster 1873–1875 Republican
George H. Roberts 1875–1879 Republican
C. J. Dilworth 1879–1883 Republican
Isaac Powers, Jr. 1883–1885 Republican
William Leese 1885–1891 Republican
George H. Hastings 1891–1895 Republican
Arthur S. Churchill 1895–1897 Republican
Constantine J. Smyth 1897–1901 Fusion2
Frank N. Prout 1901–1905 Republican
Norris Brown 1905–1907 Republican
William T. Thompson3 1907–1910 Republican
Arthur F. Mullen4 1910–1911 Democratic
Grant G. Martin 1911–1915 Republican
Willis E. Reed 1915–1919 Democratic
Clarence A. Davis 1919–1923 Republican
Ora S. Spillman 1923–1929 Republican
Christian A. Sorensen 1929–1933 Republican
Paul F. Good 1933–1935 Democratic
William H. Wright 1935–1937 Democratic
Richard C. Hunter 1937–1939 Democratic
Walter R. Johnson 1939–1949 Republican
James H. Anderson3 1949–1950 Republican
Clarence S. Beck5 1950–1961 Republican
Harold P. Caldwell6 1951 Democratic
Clarence A. H. Meyer 1961–1975 Republican
Paul L. Douglas3 1975–1984 Republican
Robert M. Spire7 1985–1991 Republican
Don Stenberg 1991–2003 Republican
Jon Bruning 2003–2015 Republican
Doug Peterson 2015–present Republican


^1 Term began February 21, 1867.
^2 Joint Populist-Democratic ticket.
^3 Resigned.
^4 Appointed to fill vacancy. In office October 31, 1910, to January 5, 1911.
^5 Appointed to fill vacancy March 1, 1950; elected in November 1950.
^6 Elected for short term. In office about 31 hours.
^7 Appointed to fill vacancy. Sworn in March 1, 1985; elected in 1986.


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