Necessitative mood

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The necessitative mood (abbreviated NEC) is a grammatical mood found in languages such as Armenian and Turkish, which combines elements of both the cohortative (which is typically used in only the first person) and the jussive moods (which is typically only used in the second and third persons). It expresses plea, insistence, imploring, self-encouragement, wish, desire, intent, command, purpose or consequence.

Examples of the necessitative:

Turkish: Bakmalıyım (I must look); bakmamalısınız (you (pl). should not look); gitmeliyiz (we have to go/we need to go)
Armenian (Eastern): պիտի խոսեմ /piti xosem/ (I have to speak); պիտի խոսեք /piti xosek῾/ (you (pl.) should speak); պիտի կարդանք /piti kardank῾/ (we must read / let's read)