Nikolay Demyanov

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Nikolay Demyanov
Born Nikolay Yakovlevich Demyanov
March 27 [O.S. March 15] 1861
Died March 19, 1938(1938-03-19) (aged 77)
Nationality Russian
Occupation Organic chemist
Known for Demjanov rearrangement
Awards Lenin Prize (1930)

Nikolay Yakovlevich Demyanov (Russian: Никола́й Я́ковлевич Демья́нов; March 27 [O.S. March 15] 1861, Tver—March 19, 1938, Moscow), also known as Demjanov and Demjanow, was a Russian organic chemist and a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1929). He is internationally known for the Demjanov rearrangement organic reaction and other discoveries.

He was a recipient of the Lenin Prize in 1930.

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