Nikolay Dubinin

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Nikolay Petrovich Dubinin (January 4, 1907 – March 26, 1998) was a Soviet and Russian biologist and academician.

He worked under the supervision of Sergei Chetverikov.

He was a Corresponding Member of the Division of Biological Sciences from 1946 and Academician of the Division of the General Biology from 1966.

He was a founding member of the Institute of Cytology and Genetics (IC&G) in the Russian Academy of Sciences. During the two years of his directorship (1957–1959) Dubinin worked out research goals at the IC&G and assembled its early staff.

Dmitri Belyaev was director of the IC&G from 1959–1985. He made significant contributions to the establishment of the IC&G and made efforts in the restoration and advancement of genetics in the USSR.

In 1982, Dubinin and Belyayev studied the genetic basis of the human individuality in different populations. In 1983, they worked with Trubnikov in studying variability and heritability neuro- and psychodynamic parameters. In 2002 the "Genetic Consequences of Emergency Radiation Situations" conference was dedicated to him.