Nikolay Kolosovsky

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Nikolay Kolosovskiy (19 September 1891 – 25 November 1954) was Russian and Soviet economic geographer, economist, one of founders of the Soviet Rayon (Regional) school of economic geography.


Kolosovskiy was born in a family of Nizhny Novgorod Fair employee. In 1916 he graduated from Petersburg University of Means of Communication and worked at construction of railways in Transbaikal region.

In years 1921-1931 he worked in Gosplan where was engaged in division of USSR into economic districts, working out of schemes of studying and development of resources of Siberia and the Far East (Uralo-Kuznetsk industrial complex, the Trans-Siberian superhighway, Angarostroi).

In years 1931-1936 Kolosovskiy worked in Hydroproject, where he developed the project of power-industrial complex at Angara river. In years 1936-46 he worked in Soviet Academy of Sciences. During WWII he supervised war industries expansion in Ural, and decision of the transport problems connected with it. He was awarded Stalin prize in 1942.

Scientific and teaching activity

After the end of war Kolosovsky has concentrated on teaching. He was the professor of Department of Economic And Social Geography of Russia MSU Faculty of Geography, where he taught since 1931. He also taught at Plekhanov Institute of the National Economy. It were the author's course of lectures on economic division into districts is created, the conceptual device Soviet Rayon (Regional) school of economic geography economic geography is developed.

Kolosovskiy has entered such concepts into scientific practice as the power-production cycle (set of the manufactures united by communications on raw materials and energy), a territorial and production complex (set of manufactures from which placing on one platform additional economic benefit is reached).


  • Economy of the Far East, М, 1926 (co-author)
  • the Future of Uralo-Kuznetsk industrial complex, М — Л, 1932
  • Bases of economic division into districts, М, 1958
  • the Theory of economic division into districts, М, 1969

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