Nikolay Miloslavsky

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Nikolai Pavlovich Miloslavsky (1811–1882) was a Russian actor.

He first joined the army serving in the cavalry. However he soon abandoned his military career and in 1839 appeared on stage in Saint Petersburg in the vaudeville Thirty years or the life of a gambler, which he had translated from French, without drawing attention. He then played in Moscow, Odessa, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities. In 1850 in Kaluga, he directed Aleksandr Griboyedov's play "Woe from Wit", which was blacklisted in many Russian provincial cities. He returned to Saint Petersburg in 1859 where, this time, his performance was a great success. However he was not able to secure a place in the Alexandrinsky Theatre or the Maly Theatre, Saint Petersburg's main theatres, which, at the time, were dominated by Vasily Samoilov. In 1870 he moved to Odessa, where he created his own theatre company and from 1874 his company was mainly playing at the Odessa Russian Theatre.

Nikolai Miloslavsky died in Odessa in 1882.

Theatre roles

Among the plays in which he acted were: