Nine Days in One Year

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Nine Days in One Year
File:Nine Days in One Year.jpg
Directed by Mikhail Romm
Produced by Cinematography Ministry of the USSR
Written by Daniil Khrabrovitsky
Mikhail Romm
Starring Aleksey Batalov
Innokenty Smoktunovsky
Yevgeniy Yevstigneyev
Narrated by Zinovi Gerdt
Music by Dzhon Ter-Tatevosyan
Cinematography German Lavrov
Edited by Yeva Ladyzhenskaya
Distributed by Mosfilm
Artkino Pictures
(1964, USA, subtitled)
(2004, worldwide, DVD)
Release dates
March 5, 1962
Running time
111 min.
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Nine Days in One Year (Russian: Девять дней одного года) is a 1962 Soviet black-and-white drama film directed by Mikhail Romm about nuclear particle physics, Soviet scientists (physicists) and their relationship.

The film won the Crystal Globe Award in 1962.

Plot summary

Two young physicists, an afflicted experimenter Dmitri Gusev (Batalov) and a sceptical physicist-theorist Ilya Kulikov (Smoktunovsky) carry out nuclear researches at a Siberian research institute. Dmitri heads the researches begun by his teacher Sintsov who as a result of experiment had received a deadly dose of radiation. Gusev is irradiated also. Doctors warn that any more radiation will kill him. At that time his friend Ilya and Lyolya who loved Dmitri developed a romantic relationship. The enamoured couple prepares for a wedding and look for a possibility to inform Dmitri about it. When they meet, Dmitri already suspects this and coldly received Lyolya and Ilya. Lyolya is caught up in self-contradictions, and as she tries to establish his true feelings for her she learns about the terrible diagnosis. Realising that she still loves Dmitri, Lyolya cancels her wedding to Kulikov and weds Gusev.

Despite the doctors' advice, Gusev continues with experiments. After a number of failures he turns to Kulikov for help. Whilst carrying out of the experiment that ended successfully, Gusev receives a new radiation dose. He hides this fact from everyone, including his wife who incorrectly interprets his isolation, but the truth eventually comes to surface. Research work is continued by Kulikov. Dmitri's health worsens, but he decides to fight the illness to the end and agrees to an operation in bone marrow transplantation.



Off-screen voice by Zinovi Gerdt (narrator).


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