Northern Karelia Province

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Province of Northern Karelia
Pohjois-Karjalan lääni
Norra Karelens län
Province of Finland


Coat of arms of Northern Karelia

Coat of arms

Capital Joensuu
 •  Established 1960
 •  Disestablished 1997
 •  1.1.1993 21,585 km2 (8,334 sq mi)
 •  1.1.1993 177,893 
Density 8.2 /km2  (21.3 /sq mi)

The Province of Northern Karelia (Finnish: Pohjois-Karjalan lääni, Swedish: Norra Karelens län) was a province of Finland from 1960 to 1997.

It was established in 1960 when it was separated from the Province of Kuopio. In 1997 it was reunited with Kuopio and together with the Province of Mikkeli it was merged into the new Province of Eastern Finland.

Municipalities in 1997 (cities in bold)

Former municipalities (disestablished before 1997)