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The Sapsan high speed train on the way from Moscow to St. Petersburg

The 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 2732 in) broad gauge Oktyabrskaya Railway or October Railway (Russian: Октябрьская железная дорога), which forms part of RZD, is the oldest railway in Russia, located in the north-west of the country. It stretches from Moscow's Leningrad Terminal in the south to Murmansk beyond the Arctic Circle in the north. The total length of the lines is over 10,000 km. The headquarters of the railway are located in Saint Petersburg.

The first railway in Russia connecting Saint Petersburg to Tsarskoye Selo, 27.9 km long, commissioned in 1837, is a part of the Oktyabrskaya Railway. So is the Moscow – Saint Petersburg Railway, the second oldest and one of the most busy lines in Russia, opened in 1851. It also includes the main line towards Tallinn (as far as the Estonian border), providing the track for GO Rail trains to Saint Petersburg.

List of lines included in Oktyabrskaya Railway


The Small October Railway (Malaya Oktyabrskaya Railway) is a narrow gauge railway in Saint Petersburg which operates since 1948. Stations include Ozyornaya, Yuny and Pionerskaya. This is a children's railway.[1]


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