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Olga Ivanovna Obukhova (Russian: Ольга Ивановна Обухова) (born August 10, 1941 in Stupino) is a Russian journalist, writer and translator.

Olga Obukhova is the daughter of Ivan Zamchevsky, the former Communist Party secretary of Leningrad and Soviet Ambassador to Yugoslavia. In 1962 she graduated from Moscow State University of International Relations. She has authored twenty fiction books, including science fiction, geography and travel, and love novels for women (which she publishes under the name of Della Swanholm). She is the wife of the Russian Ambassador to Denmark, Alexey Obukhov.

Obukhova is a member of the United Russia party for the Moscow city district of Yakimanka.


of publication
Name (Original/in English) Genre Circle
2007 Любовь на Женевском озере/The Lake Geneva Lov Affair Love novel
2008 Снежная крепость/Snow Fortress Love novel
2008 Выбор за тобой/The Choice Is Yours Love novel
2009 Опрометчивый поцелуй/The Rash Kiss Love novel
2009 Сладкий капкан/The Sweet Trap Love novel
2010 Остров любви/The Island of Love Love novel


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