Order of Freedom (Yugoslavia)

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Order of Freedom
Award of  Yugoslavia and  Serbia and Montenegro
Type Military decoration with one degree
Ribbon Orden slobode.png
Eligibility Military commanders
Awarded for Skillful leadership and outstanding courage[1]
Established 12 June 1945[1]
Next (higher) Yugoslav Great Star
Next (lower) Order of the People's Hero[2]

Order of Freedom (Serbo-Croatian: 'Orden slobode', Slovene: Red svobode Macedonian: Орден на слободата) was the highest military decoration awarded in Yugoslavia,[2][3] and the second highest Yugoslav state decoration after the Yugoslav Great Star. It was awarded to the commanders of large military units for skillful leadership and for the outstanding courage of the troops.[1] It was awarded to both Yugoslavian and foreign military commanders, and was the most rarely awarded of all Yugoslavian orders, decorations, and medals, being awarded only 7 times before the breakup of Yugoslavia.

After the dissolution of SFR Yugoslavia, the Order of Freedom was awarded in Serbia and Montenegro.


The Order of Freedom was founded on 12 June 1945 and was awarded by the Presidium of the AVNOJ (later Presidium of the People's Assembly of Yugoslavia). The recipient could be nominated by the Federal Executive Council (Government) of Yugoslavia, Executive Council of one of the Republics, Federal Secretary for Foreign Affairs or Federal Secretary for Defense.

After the dissolution of SFR Yugoslavia, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (and later Serbia and Montenegro) continued to use some of the decorations of former Yugoslavia, among them the Order of Freedom.[3] It was awarded by the President of FR Yugoslavia (later President of Serbia and Montenegro). It was the highest military decoration in FR Yugoslavia, and the third highest state decoration overall, after the Order of Yugoslavia and the Yugoslav Great Star.[4]


The Order was awarded a total of 9 times — 7 times in SFR Yugoslavia[1] and 2 times in FR Yugoslavia (after the 1999 Kosovo War). The recipients were:

SFR Yugoslavia

FR Yugoslavia

On 16 June 1999 the Order of Freedom was awarded to:

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