Order of Heroic Exemplar

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Order of Heroic Exemplar
Simplified Chinese 英雄模范勋章
First Class
Second Class
Different classes of the Order of Heroic Exemplar

The Order of Heroic Exemplar (Chinese: 英雄模范勋章) is the highest military decoration awarded by the Government of the People's Republic of China, and was named Heroic Exemplar Medal (Chinese: 英雄模范奖章) before 2011.[1][2] The person who gained the award is called Heroic Exemplar (Chinese: 英模).


The Heroic Exemplar Medal, along with the Meritorious Service Medal, was first created in April 1951 by the Chinese People's Volunteer Army political director Du Ping in an effort to promote the unity of the Chinese armed forces during the Korean War.[3] The medal was conceived so that the common soldiers would follow the examples set by few selected role models.[3] When the medal was first created, it was composed of three categories — second, first and special class.[3] The special class was later eliminated when the Chinese People's Liberation Army's (PLA) medal system formalized in 1988.[1] In 2011, the name of the award changed into Order of Heroic Exemplar.[4]

Criteria and selection process

According to the initial award criteria published in 1951, the medal was awarded to anyone "who have owned two medals of third or second class or one of the first grade [Meritorious Service] award, who are most outstanding at an army or army corps level,[5] and whose remarkable contribution are also recognized by friendly units."[6]

A candidate for the medal would normally be nominated by the deputy political officer of a company, while all squads within the company were required to meet once a month to list each soldier's accomplishments for the selection process.[7] Once nominated, the PLA General Political Department or the candidate's military region political department would be responsible for approving the nomination.[2]

Reward and regulation

Once the nomination is approved, the recipient would be treated with a grand prize-giving ceremony that is intended to educate the entire PLA or the recipient's military region.[2][8] Besides the medal, the recipient also receives a ribbon bar and a certificate from the PLA General Political Department.[1] According to the 1988 regulation, the medal must be worn on the upper left side of the recipient's uniform. The regulation also decreed that the medal itself can only be worn during special meetings and celebrations, while the ribbon bars are allowed in daily functions.[1]


First Class Order of Heroic Exemplar

From the rename of the award in 2011, to the end of August 2015, a total of 12 people have got the First Class Order of Heroic Exemplar, including 2 general officers, 7 field and junior grade officers, and 1 private. Of the 12 recipients, 3 of them are posthumously awarded.

No. Name Unit Post and Rank when Decorated Date Sovereign Notability Note
1 Xu Jianping People's Liberation Army Air Force Former Vice Minister of Equipment Department, XXth Avivation Division
Technical Professional Air Force Brigadier
Dec, 2011 Hu Jintao Model Crew Member Posthumously Awarded
2 He Min Lanzhou Military Region Director of Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics, 4th Hospital of PLA
Non-rank Civilian
Dec, 2011 Hu Jintao Model Surgeon of Plateau Areas Civilian Cadres
3 Yan Gaohong GPD Former Chief Editor of Research Department Journal, Nanjing Political College, Professor
Non-rank Civilian
May, 2012 Hu Jintao Model Theorist Civilian Cadres,
Posthumously Awarded
4 Liu Wang GAD Astronaut
Senior Colonel
Oct, 2012 Hu Jintao Heroic Astronaut Shenzhou 9
5 Liu Yang GAD Astronaut
Oct, 2012 Hu Jintao Heroic Astronaut Shenzhou 9
6 Lin Junde GAD Former Researcher, Xinjiang Malan Nuclear Test Base
Techical Perfessional Major General
Jan, 2013 Xi Jinping Distinguished Scientist
Devoted to the cause of National Defense Technology
Posthumously Awarded
7 Zhang Xiaoguang GAD Astronaut
Senior Colonel
Jul, 2013 Xi Jinping Heroic Astronaut Shenzhou 10
8 Wang Yaping GAD Astronaut
Jul, 2013 Xi Jinping Heroic Astronaut Shenzhou 10
9 Jia Yuanyou Beijing Military Region Squad Leader of 3th Platoon, 6th Tk Co, XXth Mechanised Infantry Regiment, 38th Group Army
Chief Sergeant Class 4
Aug, 2013 Xi Jinping Armored Elite
10 Li Suzhi Chengdu Military Region Administrator of General Hospital of Tibet Military Area Command
Techical Perfessional Major General
Aug, 2013 Xi Jinping Great Surgeon of Snow-covered Plateau
11 Dai Mingmeng People's Liberation Army Navy Deputy Captain of XXth Naval Aviation Troop
Aug, 2013 Xi Jinping Heroic Test Pilot of Aircraft Carrier Fighter
12 Tan Qingquan SAC Senior Engineer of 42th Unit, Troop 96315
Senior Colonel
Aug, 2013 Xi Jinping Pioneer Sword

Second Class Order of Heroic Exemplar

Not all individuals who got the Second Class Order of Heroic Exemplar were reported in the public media.


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