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Oxana Fedorova
Beauty pageant titleholder
Oxana Fedorova1.jpg
Born Oxana Fedorova
(1977-12-17) December 17, 1977 (age 44)
Pskov, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Height 5 ft 8 12 in (174 cm)
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Title(s) Miss St. Petersburg 1999
Miss Russia 2001
Miss Universe 2002
Miss Russia 2001
Miss Universe 2002

Oxana Gennadyevna Fedorova (Russian: Оксана Геннадьевна Фёдорова, tr. Oksana Gennad'yevna Fyodorova; married name: Оксана Геннадьевна Бородина, Oksana Gennad'yevna Borodina; born December 17, 1977) is a Russian actress, singer, beauty queen, television presenter and retired police officer.

Fedorova became the first Miss Russia to win the Miss Universe contest. She began in the entertainment business as a model and became Miss St. Petersburg in 1999 and Miss Russia in 2001.[1]

Early life

Oxana Fedorova was born in Pskov, Russia, where she lived until she was 18. Fedorova is an only child, and she was brought up by her mother, Elena, and maternal grandparents.[1]

Fedorova's parents divorced when she was three years old. She never heard from her father Gennadiy again. In 2005 Oxana tried to find him, but discovered he had died.[1] Her father was a nuclear physicist, and her mother worked as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital (she is retired).[1]

At the police academy, Fedorova played the saxophone as a member of the brass band.[1]

Cadet and Beauty Queen

After graduating from the police academy with a red diploma (i.e. with honours), Fedorova worked as an inspector in the Pskov militia for six months.[2]

Following her time with the force, Fedorova moved to St. Petersburg to study at the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) University, where she worked as an investigator at the Pulkovo Transport Police whilst studying.[3]

Fedorova also began to work as a model and started to participate in beauty pageants.[4] She was named Miss St. Petersburg 1999, Miss Kalokagathia 1999, Miss Fitness, Miss Fortune, and Miss Russia 2001, but declined to go to the 2001 Miss Universe pageant in Puerto Rico, where her runner-up Oxana Kalandyrets would become a semifinalist.

Fedorova graduated from the MVD University with a gold medal in 2000. After that, she entered a post graduate program at the same university.[5]

While Fedorova wrote her Ph.D. dissertation on "Regulation of Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation," she taught Civil Law to younger students.[6]

Miss Universe 2002

The 2002 Miss Universe contest was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Fedorova won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions by large margins over the other nine semi-finalists. Upon being crowned Miss Universe 2002, Fedorova was given multiple honors and gifts. Russian designer Helen Yarmak even dedicated a doll to her. Fedorova traveled to USA, Kenya, Indonesia, Italy, France, Greece, Panama, Canada and Puerto Rico as Miss Universe 2002.[7][8][9][10][11][12]

In Kenya, Fedorova toured HIV/AIDS programs in and around Nairobi, including AIDS orphanages.[13] When she was in Indonesia, she visited Borobudur in Central Java with Puteri Indonesia 2002, Melanie Putria Dewita Sari.[14][15] They also met the President of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri, at her residence, Istana Negara.[16][17] In Paris, France, Fedorova attended the 131st General Assembly of the International Exhibitions Bureau where she met Nobel Prize winner in physics, Zhores Alfyorov.[18] In Italy, Fedorova helped crown Miss Universe Italy 2003, Silvia Ceccon,[19] and while visiting Canada, Fedorova attended the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival.[20] In Panama, Fedorova attended the contract signing that made Panama the host country of the Miss Universe 2003 pageant,[21] and in September 2002, Fedorova returned to Puerto Rico to help crown Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2003, Carla Tricoli.[22]

Controversy soon loomed ahead for Fedorova, however, as she was later rumored to be pregnant.[23] Fedorova denied the pregnancy rumors and stated that she voluntarily gave up her crown for personal reasons, mainly because she wanted to finish her law degree.[24] At the time, she stated in an interview that she had declined to perform her duties because she was so insulted by her treatment on The Howard Stern Show. She blamed the pageant organizers for not warning her of the sexual questions Stern frequently asks.[25] The crown was passed on to Panama's Justine Pasek, the first runner-up, who consequently became her country's first Miss Universe. As a result, Fedorova was the first Miss Universe who officially did not finish her reign (although the very first Miss Universe, Armi Kuusela, gave up her title a month before her reign ended and Amparo Muñoz of Spain was "unofficially" dethroned in 1974).[26]

In 2011, Fedorova was named the most beautiful Miss Universe of all time by the pageantry website Global Beauties,[27]and in a poll conducted by the The All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion in 2012, respondents named Oxana Fedorova the most beautiful woman in Russia.[28]

Police Officer

On December 27, 2002, Oxana Fedorova successfully defended her doctoral thesis, and subsequently, she obtained her Ph.D. in Civil Law from the Saint Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior of Russia (MVD University) on May 16, 2003.[29]

After receiving her Ph.D., she continued to teach at the Saint Petersburg University of the Ministry of Interior of Russia.[1] She also continued her career as a police officer, being promoted to Captain in September 2002 and Major in 2005.[30][31]

Television career

Since the end of her reign, Oxana Fedorova has become a household name in Russia by hosting the country's most popular children's television show, "Spokoinoi Nochi, Malyshi" (Good Night, Little Ones) beginning January 2003.[32]

"Spokoinoi Nochi, Malyshi" won the TEFI award for Best Children's Show in October 2003. [33]
TEFI (Russian: ТЭФИ) is an annual award presented by the Russian Academy of Television.

Fedorova co-hosted television channel Rossiya 1's popular "Subbotnik" show from 2004-2010.[34]

She has been a host of the TV show "Subbotniy Vecher" (Saturday Evening) on channel Rossiya 1.[35][36]

Fedorova has co-hosted the Eurovision song contest Russian Finals and Junior Eurovision Russian National Finals.[37][38]
She has also been the Russian Federation's spokesperson for Eurovision, announcing the Russian vote for Russia 1 in 2008, 2010 and 2012.[39][40][41]

Fedorova has been a host of the traditional "Голубой огонек" (Blue Light) New Year's TV special,[42][43][44] and has made multiple appearances on the annual "Новогодний парад звезд" (New Year's Parade of Stars) show, both on channel Rossiya 1.[45][46]

In 2014, Fedorova began hosting the style and fashion show "Королева красоты" (Beauty Queen). The show airs on the Domashniy TV channel.[47][48]

Film and music career


Music Videos

  • Fedorova appears, in animated form, in popular Russian singer Nikolay Baskov's animated video of his 2009 hit "Натуральный блондин" (Naturalniy Blondin).[73]
  • In August 2009, Fedorova and Russian tenor Nikolay Baskov released the music video of their duet "Права Любовь" (Love is Right).[74]
  • In July 2010, Fedorova released the music video to her single "На шаг один" (Na Shag Odin).[75]
  • Fedorova released her music video "Все из-за тебя" (All Because of You) in 2011.[76]
  • In 2013, Oxana Fedorova released her music video "Моя доктрина" (Maya Doktrina).[77]

Music Awards

  • Oxana Fedorova and Nikolay Baskov won the "Duet of the Year" award at the 2010 ZD (Звуковая дорожка) Awards for their duet "Prava Lyubov" (Love is Right). The event was held at the Luzhniki Sports Palace in Moscow, Russia on April 15, 2010.[78][79][80]
  • Fedorova and Nikolay Baskov also received a "Золотой Граммофон" (Golden Gramophone) award for their duet "Права любовь" (Love is Right). The Golden Gramophone awards are Russia's top music awards. The ceremony was held at the State Kremlin Palace on December 4, 2010.[81][82]

Debut Album

  • Fedorova's debut album is titled "На краю у любви" (On the Edge of Love) and was released in 2011.[83]

"Oxana" song

  • Fedorova collaborated with Russian band D-Bosh on the song "Oxana". The song was released on Fedorova's birthday December 17, 2012.[84]

Modeling career

Oxana Fedorova continues to model. She has walked the runway for top fashion designers like Tony Ward[85] and Yulia Yanina.

At Rome Fashion Week "Alta Roma Alta Moda," in January 2008, she was radiant modeling an exquisite Yulia Yanina creation.[86]

Fedorova modeled Anna Direchina creations at Milan Fashion Week F/W 2009-2010.[87]

She has also modeled creations by other noted fashion designers such as Tasha Strogaya, Natalia Valevskaya, Elena Lenina, Ilya Shiyan, Yana Rudkovskaya and Alexandra Serova at important high fashion events like Russian Fashion Week, Volvo Fashion Week in Moscow, and Moscow Millionaire Fair.[88][89][90][91][92][93][94][95]

The Formula of Style book

  • In October 2008, Oxana Fedorova released her first book, "Формула стиля" The Formula of Style.

[96] The book contains tips and advice on style and beauty. Photos and autobiographical information about Fedorova also appear in the book.

Political activity

Shortly after returning to her country, Fedorova decided to become active in Russian politics. From 2003-2005, she participated in the election campaigns of the Russian Party of Life.[97][98]

It is also of note that Fedorova was an agent for Sergey Mironov, leader of the Russian Party of Life, and Speaker of the Federation Council, the upper house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, during the 2004 presidential election.[99]

She became co-chairman of the Energy of Life youth movement for the Russian Party of Life in 2003.[100]

Charity work

Oxana Fedorova established the children's charitable foundation Спешите делать добро! (Hurry To Create Wonders!) in October 2009. The Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Maecenas Club assisted in organizing the project. The foundation provides support to orphans and children who find themselves in difficult situations. Special attention is given to children whose parents were killed while serving the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the Russian Armed Forces.[101][102][103]

She has been involved in the children's charity program, "МИР БЕЗ СЛЕЗ" (World Without Tears) since 2004. The program is sponsored by Russia's VTB Bank.[104]

Fedorova is on the Russia Board of Advisors for the Russian Children's Welfare Society (RCWS).[105]

Oxana Fedorova has been representing UNICEF in Russia since May 2006. She became a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the Russian Federation on September 17, 2007.[106][107][108]

In her capacity as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Fedorova has participated in various missions, including the joint UNICEF-Pampers "1 Pack = 1 Vaccine" tetanus campaign to the Democratic Republic of the Congo in September 2008,[109][110] and to the country of Laos in December 2010.[111] She also took part in the UNICEF Peace and Tolerance program in Dagestan, Russian Federation in July 2008 and 2009.[112]

The joint UNICEF-Amway project "Улыбка ребенка" (The Child's Smile) is still another area of UNICEF activities which has received Fedorova's support. Thanks to the project implementation, specially equipped play rooms and sensor rooms have been set up at social and medical facilities all over Russia. Children can visit such rooms where they can play, relax, learn something new and consult specialists in a comfortable environment conducive to easy-going communication.[113]

Oxana Fedorova has often worked together with other Miss Russia winners to promote charitable causes, including joining forces in May 2009, with Svetlana Koroleva (Miss Russia and Miss Europe 2002), and Vera Krasova (Miss Russia Universe 2008) to record the single "Этот мир для детей" (This World is for Children) to raise funds for children's charities.[114] In addition, Fedorova and other former Miss Russia titleholders also took part in a concert to honor International Children's Day in Moscow on June 1, 2009, as well as the "Красная Ленточка" (Red Ribbon) AIDS Russia & CIS concert on World AIDS Day on December 1, 2012.[115][116][117]

In 2009, Fedorova was among several Russian celebrities who took part in the charity school program "Перекрёсток-школам" 2009 (Perekrestok Shkolam). The program aims to help improve the technical equipment of Russian schools. It is sponsored by Russia's X5 Retail Group.[118][119]

Oxana Fedorova held the charity concert "В день рождения с любовью" (A Birthday with Love) at the State Kremlin Palace in Moscow, Russia on her birthday December 17, 2012. The benefit concert was held in conjunction with her charity fund "Спешите делать добро!" (Hurry to Create Wonders!). Many orphans and underprivileged children were in attendance, and Russian and international stars performed. Oxana's performances included a duet with Italian tenor Alessandro Safina.[120][121]

Peace Award

Due to her extensive charity work, Oxana Fedorova received the Peace Award at the Beirut International Award Festival (BIAF) held in Beirut, Lebanon on November 27, 2012.[122][123]

Russian Orthodox Maecenas Club

Oxana Fedorova is the face of the project, "The Measured Icon: Its History and Its Present" whose goal is to revive the ancient Russian tradition of the Baptismal Icon. Oxana has opened Measured Icon exhibitions in several cities, including Pskov, Ufa, Kaliningrad and Saint Petersburg, Russia; Prague, Czech Republic; Tallinn, Estonia; Paris, France; Colombo, Sri Lanka, and Belgrade, Serbia. The exhibitions are organized by the Russian Orthodox Maecenas Club.[124][125][126]

School for Girls

In 2011, Fedorova opened a school for girls ages 10–16 in Ufa, Russia. The school focuses on mental and physical well-being, and offers a wide variety of classes, including graphic design, art, dance, vocals, theater, self-defense, exercise, fashion, national and world cultures, and religion. There are plans to open more schools throughout Russia.[127]

Protection of the Environment Campaign

The protection of the environment is important to Fedorova. In 2008, she participated in a campaign to promote nature friendly products. "The Eco Box" line was a collaborative effort of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the Luxury Products, New York company. A part of the proceeds were directed to a program to protect and preserve the National parks of Russia.[128]

EURO 2008


Fedorova has participated in endorsements for Max Factor, Sony VAIO, Olay Total Effects, and Cantamessa jewelry, among others.[130][131][132][133]


In 2010, Fedorova became Editor in Chief of Russia's MODA TOPICAL Magazine.[134]

She began to host MODA TOPICAL TV Magazine in 2012.[135]

OFERA Fashion Line

Fedorova launched her fashion line OFERA in 2014. She revealed that her daughter Elizaveta inspired her to start the line and become a fashion designer.[136]

She presented her first OFERA collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia Spring/Summer 2015.[137]

Personal life


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