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The Parker Society was a text publication society set up in 1841 to produce editions of the works of the early Protestant writers of the English Reformation. It was supported by both the High Church and evangelical wings of the Church of England, and was established in reaction against the Tractarian movement of the 1830s. Its Council was dominated by evangelicals, but not to the exclusion of other views.[1] It takes its name from Matthew Parker, Tudor Archbishop of Canterbury and manuscript collector.[2]

In return, a group of Tractarians founded the Library of Anglo-Catholic Theology.[3]

The Society published four or five volumes a year, to 1853.[4]


A General Index to the Publications of the Parker Society was published in 1855 by Henry Gough; the publications are listed on pp. vii–viii.[5]

Single authors

Author Title Date of edition Editor
John Bale Select Works 1849 Henry Christmas
Thomas Becon Early Works 1843 John Ayre
The Catechism 1844 John Ayre
Prayers and other pieces 1844 John Ayre
John Bradford Writings (two vols.) 1848, 1853 Aubrey Townshend
Henry Bullinger Decades (four vols.) 1849–51 Thomas Harding
James Calfhill An Answer to John Martiall's Treatise of the Cross 1846 Richard Gibbings
Thomas Cooper An Answer in Defence of the Truth 1850 William Goode
Myles Coverdale Writings and Translations 1844 George Pearson
Remains 1846 George Pearson
Thomas Cranmer Works (two vols.) 1844, 1846 John Edmund Cox
William Fulke A defence of the sincere and true translations of the Holy Scriptures into the English tongue, against the cavils of Gregory Martin 1843 Charles Henry Hartshorne
Stapleton's Fortress overthrown. A rejoinder to Martiall's Reply. A discovery of the dangerous rock of the popish church commended by Sanders. 1848 Richard Gibbings
Edmund Grindal Remains 1843 William Nicholson
John Hooper Early Writings 1843 Samuel Carr
Later Writings 1852 Charles Nevinson
Roger Hutchinson Works 1842 John Bruce
John Jewel Works (four vols.) 1845, 1847, 1848, 1850 John Ayre
Hugh Latimer Works (two vols.) 1844-5 George Elwes Corrie
John Norden A Progress of Piety 1847
Alexander Nowell Catechism 1853 George Elwes Corrie
Matthew Parker Correspondence 1853 John Bruce and Thomas Thomason Perowne
John Philpot Examinations and Writings 1842 Robert Eden
James Pilkington Works 1842 James Scholefield
Nicholas Ridley Works 1841 Henry Christmas
Thomas Rogers The Catholic Doctrine of the Church of England: An exposition of the Thirty-nine articles 1854 John James Stewart Perowne
Edwin Sandys Sermons 1841 John Ayre
William Tyndale Doctrinal Treatises, and Introductions to different portions of the Holy Scriptures 1848 Henry Walter
Expositions and Notes on sundry portions of the Holy Scriptures 1849 Henry Walter
An Answer to Sir Thomas More's Dialogue 1850 Henry Walter
William Whitaker A Disputation on Holy Scripture against the Papists 1849 William Fitzgerald
John Whitgift Works (three vols.) 1851–3 John Ayre
John Woolton The Christian Manual 1851


Title Date of edition Editor
The Two Liturgies, A.D. 1549, and A.D. 1552 1844 Joseph Ketley
Liturgies and Occasional Forms of Prayer set forth in the Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1847 William Keatinge Clay
Select Poetry, Chiefly Devotional, of the Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1845 Edward Farr
Private Prayers, put forth by authority during. The Reign of Queen Elizabeth 1851 William Keatinge Clay
Christian prayers and holy meditations, as well for private as public exercise 1842 Reprint from Henry Bull (1566)
The Zurich letters: comprising the correspondence of several English bishops and others, with some of the Helvetian reformers, during the early part of the reign of Queen Elizabeth (two vols.) 1842 Hastings Robinson
Original letters relative to the English reformation: written during the reigns of King Henry VIII., King Edward VI., and Queen Mary: chiefly from the archives of Zurich 1847 Hastings Robinson


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