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Standard Estonian military map symbol for afor a battalion.
Active present
Country  Estonia
Branch Estonian Ground Force
Type infantry
Size 1250
Equipment small firearms
grenade launchers
tactical transport vehicles
portable missile launchers
Commander Lieutenant Colonel 20px

Pataljon, (English: battalion) is an average military unit led by a senior officer that is subordinate to an infantry brigade. Pataljon is bigger than a kompanii (company) but smaller than a brigaad (brigade). It is one of the most basic military formation among the Estonian Ground Force infantry units.[1]


It usually consists of 900 to 1250 soldiers, and is further subdivided into companies. Pataljon is composed of five companies of 180 to 250 soldiers each, as well as a company leader (kompaniiülem) who is usually a lieutenant colonel (kolonelleitnant). His second in command is a colonel as an assistant of the battalion (pataljoniülema abi).[2]


One single pataljon is meant to operate on a battlefield along with other pataljon's on a landscale not creator than 1500 x 3000 metres. The is a logistical support element in the structure of a pataljon which is based on a reserv company. The formation transport is usually made up by 200 tactical transport vehicles such as Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG 435.[3]

Other military uses

A battalion is generally the smallest military unit capable of independent operations (i.e. not attached to a higher command), although many armies have smaller units that are self-sustaining. The nomenclature varies by nationality and by branch of arms, for instance, some armies organize their infantry into battalions, but call battalion-sized cavalry, reconnaissance, or tank units a squadron or a regiment instead. There may even be subtle distinctions within a nation's branches of arms, such as a distinction between a tank battalion and an armored squadron, depending on how the unit's operational role is perceived to fit into the army's historical organization.

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Notes and references

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