Pavlo Zahrebelnyi

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Pavlo Zahrebelnyi
File:P.A. Zahrebelnyi.jpg
Born (1924-08-25)August 25, 1924
Poltava Governorate, Ukrainian SSR
Died February 3, 2009(2009-02-03) (aged 84)
Kiev, Ukraine
Nationality Ukrainian
Occupation Writer
Awards Hero of Ukraine

Pavlo Arhypovych Zahrebelnyi (Ukrainian: Павло́ Архи́пович Загребе́льний) or Zagrebelnyi (Russian: Павел Архипович Загребе́льный) (August 25, 1924 in Soloshyne village, Poltava Governorate – February 3, 2009 in Kiev[1]) was a Ukrainian novelist.

In 1941, when Germany invaded the Soviet Union Pavlo enlisted the Red Army as a volunteer. He participated in the Battle of Kiev and was severely wounded.[2] He was the editor-in-chief of Literaturna Ukrayina (1961–1962). He was an author of short stories, novels about the war and also social and historical novels. He is a laureate of the State Award of Ukraine (1974) and the State Award of the USSR (1980). He was also awarded the Hero of Ukraine award for his works on August 25, 2004.[3]

One of his best known novels is Roksolana (1980), about the life of Anastasia Lisovska, a Ruthenian girl from Galicia who became a wife of Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent and played a prominent role in the sixteenth century Ottoman Empire.

On February 5, 2009 President Victor Yushchenko paid his last respects to Zahrebelnyi.[4]

Zahrebelny's books have been translated into 23 languages.


  • Dyvo
  • Epraksiya
  • Yaroslav Mudryi
  • Yevprasksiya
  • Yuliya abo zaprosennya do samovbyvstva
  • Pervomist
  • Pivdennyi komfort
  • Roksolana
  • Smert' u Kyyevi
  • Tysiacholitniy Mykolay

Zahrebelny's works include: "Thinking About Eternity" (1957), "Europe-45" (1958), "Heat" (1960), "Europe West" (1961), "A Day For a Future" (1964), "Whisper" (1966), "Kind Devil" (1967), "Wonder" (1968), "From the Point of Eternity" (1970), "Let's Come to Love" (1971), "First Bridge" (1972), "Death in Kyiv" (1973), "Lathered Grass" (1974), "Eupraksia" (1975), "Lion's Heart" (1978), "Acceleration" (1978), "Roksolana" (1980), "I am Bohdan" (1983), "Southern Comfort" (1984), "Expulsion from Eden" (1985), "Traceless Lucas" (1989), "Naked Soul" (1992), "Angel Flesh" (1993), "Thousand-Year-Old Nikolai" (1994), "Ashes of Dreams" (1995), "Special Security Zone" (1999), "Julia" (2000), "The Long Dreams Valley" (1995), "Heat Haze" (1995), "Clarinets of Tenderness" (1978), "The Sixth Day" (1985), and other novels and stories.


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