Peter Wenz

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Peter Wenz
File:Prof. Dr. Peter S. Wenz.jpg
Peter Wenz (2006)
Born United States of America
Era Contemporary philosophy
Region Western Philosophy
School Analytic philosophy
Main interests
Applied ethics, Philosophy of law, Environmental ethics, Political philosophy

Peter Wenz (born 1945) is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Springfield, University Scholar of the University of Illinois, and Adjunct Professor of Medical Humanities at the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine. He received his B.A. in philosophy in 1967 from Harpur College of the State University of New York at Binghamton (now Binghamton University) and his Ph.D. in philosophy in 1971 from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. He taught at the University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point from 1971 to 1976 before moving to Springfield. He has also taught at Polytechnic of the South Bank (now South Bank University) in London, England (1980–81); at Aberdeen University in Scotland (1986–87); at Oxford University in England (fall 2003) and at The University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand (2007). He teaches regularly at the Chautauqua Institution in New York State. He is best known for work in environmental justice, being among those who simultaneously coined the term in the mid-1980s. His most widely reprinted articles are "Just Garbage" and "Minimal Moderate and Extreme Moral Pluralism." His specialties include environmental ethics, political remedial philosophy, and medical ethics.


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