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Petersburg Tram Mechanical Factory (PTMF) (Russian: Петербу́ргский трамва́йно-механи́ческий заво́д (ПТМЗ)) was one of the leading manufacturers of tramcars in Russia and the CIS-countries located in Saint Petersburg. The only plant in Russia, dealing only tram manufacturing for several decades (until 1981) was the sole supplier of rolling stock for the tram system in St. Petersburg.


Founded in 1929 as a tram repair plant. IN 1933 it was rebuilt into a tram manufacturing enterprise for a city of Leningrad(now Saint Petersburg). That time it produced LM and LP trams. During the ceremony of the first tram produced, leaving the plant, S. Kirov was present. By the spring of 1934 the plant was moved to Chugunnaya Street.

  • By the beginning of the German-Soviet War the plant was temporarily rebuilt for producing warfare and engine repair.
  • Since 1944 the plant produced trams.
  • In 1966 the first 6-axle articulated tram in USSR was produced on the plant, designated as LVS-66.
  • Since 1986 a serial production of LVS-86 had been started.
  • In 1970-80 plant received the name of Leningrad plant of City Transport Repair.
  • In 1993 the enterprise was privatized and incorporated and got a name of— "St Petersburg Tram Mechanical Plant".
  • Since 2003 the plants entered "Dedal" group and since 2005 came under the management of "Дедал-Вагоны" (the managing company of "vagonmash" and "St Petersburg Tram Mechanical Plant").
  • As of September 2006 the plant produces LM-99 tramcars of various modifications, supplied to Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and other cities of Russia.
  • In June 2006 the plant built the experimental sample of LVS-2005 tramcar, which became a prototype of the new line of low-floor trams.
  • In September 2007 the plant got an export contract with "Odessa Electric Transport" in Ukraine for supplying 11 4-axle tramcars LM-99 ЭМН.
  • In 2008 the experimental usage of LM-2008 started.
  • By April 2008 the plant won the open competition for supplying trams for the state needs of St Petersburg.
    • 16 6 axle "Pioneer" model 71-152,
    • 29 4 axle 71-134А "Solo".
  • By the summer of 2008 won the competition to supply three-section trams with a capacity of 350 people for a second turn of Volgograd Speed Tramскоростного. The first of such trams was released in 2008, with the second in May 2009.
  • By the summer of 2008 St Petersburg officials stated that in 2009 they may lose the right to supply trams for St Petersburg, yet it did not take place fortunately.
  • By the summer of 2009 9 four-axle 9 LM-2008 tramcars were supplied in Saint Petersburg, and+ one single ended 8-axle train in Kiev. By the autumn of 2008 was supplied to Moscow and LVS-2005 to Barnaul. In Winter - LM-2008 to Moscow, St Petersburg, and Donetsk.
  • In May 2013 went bankrupt and is currently defunct.[1]

Product line


  • LM33 (1933-1939), four-axle.
  • LM47 (1948-1949), four-axle
  • LM49 (1949-1960)
  • LP49 (1949-1960, 1965-1968), trailer van for LM49
  • LM57 (1957-1968)
  • LM68 (1968-1974)
  • LM68M (1974-1992)
  • LVS80 (1980-1984), six-axle articulated tram
  • LVS86 (71-86, 1987-1997), six-axle articulated tram
  • LM93 (71-132, 1993-1999), four-axle tram
  • LVS93 (1993-1994), eight-axle articulated three-section tram
  • LVS97 (71-147, 1997-2004), six-axle articulated tram
  • LM99 (71-134, 1999-2005), four-axle tram
  • LM99 AV/AVN/AE/AEN (2005-2008), modernised LM99 version with updated bodywork
  • LVS2005 (71-152, 2006-2009), six-axle articulated tram with a variable level of the floor.
  • LM2008 (71-153, 2008-2012), four-axle tram with a variable level of the floor.
  • LVS2009 (2008-2012), two-sided three-piece articulated tram.


  • PTZ210 (2000-2004), four-door
  • PTZ5283 (2000-2004), four-door


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