Petru Maior

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Petru Maior

Petru Maior (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈpetru ˈmajor]; 1761 in Târgu Mureș – 14 February 1821 in Budapest) was a Romanian writer who is considered one of the most influential personalities of the Age of Enlightenment in Transylvania (the Transylvanian School). Maior was a member of the Greek-Catholic clergy, a historian, philosopher, and linguist.

The Buda Lexicon, a book published in 1825, included two texts by Petru Maior, Orthographia romana sive latino-valachica una cum clavi and Dialogu pentru inceputul linbei române, in which he introduced the letters ș for /ʃ/ and ț for /ts/, which have since been in use in the Romanian alphabet.[1]


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