Pisnia zavzhdy z namy

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Pisnia zavzhdy z namy
original film poster
Directed by Viktor Storozhenko
Written by Viktor Storozhenko
Starring Sofia Rotaru
Distributed by Ukrtelefilm
Release dates
  • 1 January 1975 (1975-01-01)
Running time
79 min.
Country Soviet Union
Language Ukrainian

Pisnia zavzhdy z namy (Ukrainian: Пісня завжди з нами) is a 1975 Soviet Ukrainian musical film, produced by Viktor Storozhenko starring Sofia Rotaru in the main role, as well as Soviet Ukrainian Smerichka vocal-instrumental band. The movie features songs in Ukrainian, Moldovan and Russian of Sofia Rotaru filmed in the background of Ukrainian Carpathian mountains.


Filmed by Ukrainian studio of television films, the musical film Pisnia zavzhdy z namy features six songs of Volodymyr Ivasiuk, written for Sofia Rotaru. The young and beautiful singer starts a concert in a mountainous vacation resort music club in open air. This autobiographical scenario depicts true Ukrainian Moldavian origins of Sofia Rotaru in the bucolic atmosphere of melodic Bukovyna in Western Ukraine.


The filming took place in the village Ploska in Putylshchyna. The main theme of the movie is the exploration of the artistic laboratory of Sofia Rotaru, who has always affirmed that her artistic path started from a stage in a village club.


[1] Song Performed by Authors Commentaries
1 Cradle to the Wind
Ukrainian: Колиска вiтру/Kolyska vitru
Sofia Rotaru Lyrics: Bogdan Stelmakh
Music: Volodymyr Ivasiuk
2 Swan Fidelity
Russian: Лебединая верность/Lebedinaya vernost
Sofia Rotaru Lyrics: Andrei Dementiev
Music: Yevgeniy Martynov
1975, 1991, 1996
3 Song Will Be With Us
Ukrainian: Пiсня буде помiж нас/Pisnia bude pomizh nas
Sofia Rotaru Lyrics: Volodymyr Ivasiuk
Music: Volodymyr Ivasiuk
1974, 1977, 1997
featuring the first modern back-stage dancing in the USSR
4 My Late Love
Moldovan: Iubirea mea târzie
Sofia Rotaru Lyrics: Ion and Petru Teodorovici
Music: Efim Ciuntu
5 Your Steps
Russian: Твои следы/Tvoi sledy
Sofia Rotaru Lyrics: Yevgeniy Evtushenko
Music: Arno Babadzhanyan
6 Say That You Love
Ukrainian: Скажи, що любиш/Skazhy, shcho liubysh
Sofia Rotaru Lyrics: Serguey Kocherga
Music: Nino Rota
1972, 1975
Sofia Rotaru was forbidden to record at Ariola (today Sony BMG Music Entertainment) the English cover of The Godfather's theme in English language by the Soviet concert administration in early 1970s as she was touring Germany.
7 Memories
Russian: Воспоминание/Vospominanie
Sofia Rotaru Lyrics: Igor Kokhanovsky
Music: Boris Rychkov


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