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These "Did you know..." subpages are randomly displayed using {{Random subpage}}.

  1. Add a new DYK to the next available subpage, including up to five hooks per page.
  2. Update the "Random subpage" start and end values above to include the new DYK and evenly distribute the number of items across the display templates.

DYK list

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/1 Meredith Eaton-Gilden

  • ...that there appears to be no localized consciousness in the human brain?

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/2

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/3

Wordless Book in use, China

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/4

Carl Jung
  • ...that ASNOVA was a group of architects that linked psychology and architecture by building laboratories and expounding psychological theories?

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/5

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/6

  • ...that the effects of head trauma on memory can be seen by the post-operative results of HM, a patient who has been unable to form any new long-term memories since a surgical procedure performed in the 1950s?

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/7

  • ...that race car journalist and former race car driver Dr. Dick Berggren decided to stop teaching college psychology after he was called into the college president's office because he parked his racecar in the faculty parking lot?

Portal:Psychology/Did you know/8

Self inflicted cuts on forearm


Feel free to add Psychology-related DYKs from the DYK archives.

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More "Did you know"s can be nominated here. General guidelines for nominations, loosely based on Wikipedia:Did you know include:

  • Pick DYKs in articles that are interesting.
  • Look for articles that are over 1,000 characters in size - no stubs.
  • The "Did you know?" fact must be mentioned in the article.
  • Try to select articles that cite their sources, particularly the item mentioned.

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