Preobrazheniya Island

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File:Laptev seaPBZ.PNG
Location of Preobrazheniya Island in the Laptev Sea.

Preobrazheniya Island (or Preobrazhenia) (Russian: Остров Преображенья) is an elongated small island in the Laptev Sea, Russia. The island is situated off the Northern mouth of the Khatanga Gulf (Russian: Хатангский залив), 15 km north of Bolshoy Begichev Island.

Preobrazheniya Island is 7 km in length and its maximum width is 2,5 km. This island is granitic and has high rocky cliffs on its eastern side. The west side of the island is sloping to a gravel beach.

This island was useful as a landmark for ships plying the Northern Sea Route in the past. It is also known as "Ostrov Vstrechnyy". There is an abandoned Polar research station on Preobrazheniya.


For administrative purposes Preobrazheniya Island belongs to the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic of the Russian Federation.


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