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The Princeton Tory is a magazine of conservative political thought written and published by Princeton University students around 6 times per school year.

The magazine was founded in the 1980s as a right-wing voice for Princeton undergrads, running articles in line with current conservative values,[1] with titles such as "In Praise of Abstinence."[2]

In the fall semester of 2009, the Tory came out with a new website[3] on which it publishes all of its print articles as well as PDF copies of each issue. In addition, the Tory opened a new blog with extra articles.[4]

Although the printed version of the Tory proclaims itself to be "conservative,"[5] the online version adopts the slogan "A journal of conservative and moderate thought", an assertion disputed by some as an attempt by the magazine to seem more moderate than it actually is.[6]

Notable alumni include Yoram Hazony, Daniel Polisar, Wendy Kopp, Pete Hegseth, and Evan Baehr among others.[7]

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