Pyotr Pervyy

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Pyotr Pervyy
File:Petr1 film1937.jpg
Official movie poster
Directed by Vladimir Petrov
Written by Vladimir Petrov
Aleksey Tolstoy
Nikolay Leshchenko
Starring Nikolay Simonov
Nikolay Cherkasov
Alla Tarasova
Mikhail Zharov
Viktor Dobrovolsky
Music by Vladimir Shcherbachov
Cinematography Vyacheslav Gordanov
Vladimir Yakovlev
Release dates
Country Soviet Union
Language Russian

Pyotr Pervyy (Russian: Пётр Первый) was a Soviet two-part historical and biographical feature film, shot on the Order of Lenin from Leningrad film studio Lenfilm director Vladimir Petrov on the eponymous play by Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy's devoted to the life and activity of the Russian Emperor Peter I.


  • Prize at an exhibition in Paris (1937)
  • Stalin Prize (1941) I Class – Mikhail Zharov, Vladimir Petrov, Nikolay Simonov

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